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SSL certificate necessity

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I have one question: if I have a eshop, which collect personal information about visitors, credit cards, etc and has not SSL, can I be in PLA? I think no, however I have two similar client's eshops and one has message: "Account suspended due to policy violation" and the second is OK and in AdWords I see click from PLA.


They offer similar products, same technical background, xml feed is OK, adwords sync OK.  I am not sure if Czech republic is different. 




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Re: SSL certificate necessity

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for product-listing-ads, a valid https/ssl/tls certificate is required
if any website collects user data -- regardless of the target-country;
for example, credit-card details, email or shipping addresses during
e-commerce check-flow, etc.


https/ssl is only required on pages that actually ask for and collect such data.

otherwise, https/ssl is not required.

collecting or using personal information irresponsibly,
such as without proper proper https/ssl security, is
a policy violation and grounds for a disapproval or a
(permanent) suspension from the program, at any time.


the automated systems may take awhile to crawl and verify
all policies with respect to an item, image, business, or site --
so, not seeing a disapproval or suspension status does not
necessarily mean that a product, business-model, or website,
is not violating a policy.


importantly perhaps, a single disapproval or suspension, can be due
to multiple issues with a supply-chain, item, submitted data (feed),

site, e-commerce, account, merchant, business, or business-model.


potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google.


Re: SSL certificate necessity

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thank you @Celebird for assurance.