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SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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I received a data quality suspension warning on my feed.   I sent an email to Google that has not been replied to since December 16.   I have many products which don't ship via UPS and they are making UPS the mandatory mode of shipping for the new feed.    No one is providing any suggestions or recommendations as to how I make my feed compliant.


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Re: SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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You cannot advertise products in singles on shopping, and then require a minimum qty.

"Google doesn’t allow the promotion of products submitted as a single unit but sold in batches, requiring a minimum quantity in order to be purchased. Excluded from this requirement are items in the following categories: 'Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Beverages' and its subcategories (but not 'Liquor & Spirits'), and 'Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items' and its subcategories. The titles and the landing pages of these items must clearly state that a minimum order value is required."

As for the shipping, not something I've heard, can you not send the courier and price in your feed? Check
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Re: SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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as to bulk item-offers --

items sold in minimum-quantities must submit
the exact price for the minimum-quantity sold.

[only] for certain, specific, products, in certain target-countries,
unit-pricing information may [also] be submitted and displayed --
even if the item-offer is sold in bulk -- e.g. wall tile:
to submit and display a unit-price for such items, specific criteria
must be met; such as, submitting the total-price for the minimum
number of items sold as the price attribute and including both the
unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure attributes,
both with exact and accurate values.

regardless, the submitted and displayed price must always match exactly.

as to shipping --

shipping may be either exactly correct or an overestimate --
for the exact item-offer being displayed, sold, and shipped.

carrier-calculated shipping for u.s. registered feeds
currently includes ups, fedex, or usps -- these can
be overridden via account-settings or per-item shipping.


carrier-calculated-shipping requires an exact and valid

shipping_weight value; a valid shipping_weight includes

a number, space, and google supported unit; e.g.

123.45 kg

for the minimum-quantity sold for the single item-offer submitted.

the exact shipping provided must always match the shipping on the website.

if an exact shipping cost cannot be submitted, an overestimate is required.

however, only direct-to-consumer shipping methods are only ever allowed.

otherwise, submitting shipping that is inaccurate, does not match the site
or not an overestimate, or is not a direct-to-consumer rate -- are all policy
violations and grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

generally, items that only use freight/truck/ltl transit or similar methods,
that are not traditional direct-to-consumer methods, simply cannot be
submitted as product-listing-ads -- such items must be removed from

the feed; however, other campaign-types and ad-formats do currently

exist and might be a better fit for advertising such products.

see also

Re: SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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Thank you for your reply. I see the need to incorporate unit pricing measure which may help in part. LTL is used daily all over the US to deliver direct to the consumer, especially our types of products. Generally those items which are shipped in smaller quantities via UPS don't cover the ad spending. It would be those orders which are shipped in bulk via LTL which justify product level ad spending.

Re: SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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first, you're welcome.

the (bulk) price policies exist apart from shipping.

the carriers listed within the merchant-center are
generally what google considers direct-to-consumer --
at least with respect to product-listing-ads with the
u.s. as the target-country -- regardless of exactly
how shipping might be submitted or configured.


for example -- ups might be used as a shipping-method, even

if an overestimated flat-rate, rather than carrier-calculated, had

been submitted or configured within the account.


the shipping cost policies exist apart

from the shipping-methods allowed.


a price, shipping-cost, or shipping-method, violation

can independently trigger a disapproval or suspension --

a single disapproval or suspension can be for multiple issues.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.


if google had already been contacted the best likely course would be

to recontact google -- asking for a merchant-center product-listing-ad

support specialist may sometimes help.

ad-spend may certainly include other campaign-types and ad-formats --
other than shopping-campaigns and product-listing-ads (google-shopping) --
and usually do not have such strict policies with respect to price and shipping.


inventory and ad-spend can be divided among multiple campaign-types and

ad-formats -- depending on the type of item, individual return-on-investment,

and the overall (advertising) goals and objectives.


Re: SHIPPING: Data Quality Suspension Warning

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You can de-activate the shipping method in Merchant Center Shipping Setting.