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Reviewing a shopping ad

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I would like to know if there is a way to preview a shopping ad before the ad id published on the internet?  I would seem to me that there should be a way that once everything is set up and ready to go a creator of the ad should be able to review that ad.  This means make sure that all the buttons that are associated with the ad are functioning correctly so that when the ad is shown and people click it is correct.  I was that there was a way one day and the next day I am told there is not a way.  I need someone to tell me the truth and if there is not a way to review the ad why isn't there, it just makes good business sense to allow the one that is creating the ad to make sure that it is what they want before they commit money.


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Re: Reviewing a shopping ad

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the short answer is no.

shopping-ads (product-listing-ads) are created automatically and dynamically
so there are many many formats and display details that can change based
on the context, user-behavior, and other factors.

for example, the same ad, that wins a slot in the auctions, can
look differently on different devices, on google-search, within
google-shopping, if the user selects the list or grid view, etc.

that is one reason why all data submitted should conform to all
google's rules, policies, specifications, and recommendations.

(a) to help determine if a link associated with an ad is functioning correctly:
after feed processing, simply view the item under the products-tab
within the merchant-center-account, click on the item's title, then
click on the link attribute.

(b) for a limited preview of how a shopping-ad may look:
use the ad-preview-and-diagnostics-tool, under the shopping-campaign --
however, this only shows ads on google-search, not on google-shopping,
and there is no way to verify any clicks or simulate user-behavior to alter
an ad's display based on context (e.g. grid-view, compare-prices, etc).

feedback about such a future feature may also be given directly to google --


see also