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Remove All Button (Garbage Can) Not Working

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I used the Shopify Google Shopping app to publish my products to the Merchant Center > Adwords. I recently decided a manually uploaded product feed would better suit my needs. So, I removed the Shopify Google Shopping app from my Shopify account, and clicked the remove all button (garbage can in upper right) on the Merchant Center > Products > List page, in order to remove all products from my Merchant Center account. Shopify support has verified that by removing the app I have stopped the process of publishing product data to the Merchant Center and disconnected the API.


However, it has been longer that 72 hours since I clicked the remove all button (multiple times), and the Shopify products are still showing up! How can I remove all of my (>5,000) product entries from Shopify without having to click the X next to each entry (on the Merchant Center > Products > List page) individually?



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Remove All Button (Garbage Can) Not Working

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This is just an educated guess based on plenty of experience with the Merchant Center, but I would give it a few more days.  Changes to the feed and Merchant Center sometimes take a while to be fully reflected. 


Have you tried uploading your new manual product feed in the Merchant Center?  That may force the old data from the Shopify feed to flush out of your Shopping campaign. 


Re: Remove All Button (Garbage Can) Not Working

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Hi Steve,


Thanks for the suggestion. I have submitted the manual feed, and I will remain patient in waiting for the changes to go through. How long would you recommend I wait before escalating? How does one escalate such a problem?


Thanks again!

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Re: Remove All Button (Garbage Can) Not Working

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(a) any delete request may sometimes take 72-hours
or so before being removed from the products-list.


(b) normally, the proper way to delete items that were submitted via
an app, is to issue a delete request directly from the application --
e.g. ask shopify if they have a method to issue a proper batch-delete request.


(c) if the products-list dashboard is used then, deletes can only
happen in small batches based on what is being displayed --

the delete-all garbage-can deletes all that is currently in the

show-rows list, not all items that were submitted.


remove-all only deletes all items that can be seen
within the products-list -- not all possible items.


as an aside, be certain to inspect the products-feeds-tab and the
api-diagnostics-tab to be certain, and to verify, that existing items
are not being resubmitted that are overlaying any delete request --
all feed and api (app) submits should be paused or stopped until
after all deletes are finalized and removed from the products-list.


all items are tracked by id -- normally, id values should
never change once assigned to a physical inventory item;
any item re-inserted or re-submitted during a delete will
simply overlay the delete and the item will reappear.


generally, for such mass-deletes, always check the item's id, expires-in,
created-on, and last-update-on, details by clicking on the item's title
within the products-list tab, of the merchant-center-account, to help

verify deleted items are not being resubmitted.