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Refreshing Diagnostics Information

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Hi all,


We are in the process of making our website more compatible with Google shopping but the Diagnostics tab doesn't refresh itself with new information.  For example, it says we have ~3,000 products when we now have ~6,000 that are active.  In the "disapproved items" section, we have products that have been re-approved since we've had them reviewed.  The top right corner has been saying "Latest: 2:49am" for two days now.


As we are trying to fix all of our errors, we'd really like this information to be refreshed so we can see what actually needs to be fixed rather than have an outdated list of what needed to be fixed.


Thank you,


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Re: Refreshing Diagnostics Information

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first, be certain that the website is responding properly and

quickly enough to all google's crawl requests and the items

and images are being re-crawled -- by checking the server's

logs for googlebot, googlebot-image, adsbot-google, and all

related crawl requests.


one of the main purposes of the diagnostics-tab is to accumulate and show
historical information to diagnose issues so that a root-cause of those
issues can be located and fixed so that the issues will never reoccur.

the diagnostics-tab shows approximately 30-days of
historical data with about two data-points per day.

to show historic sampled data, simply click on a time-point within the
graph -- the list of sample issues should update for that (crawl) point.

importantly perhaps, the diagnostics-tab does not necessarily show all issues --
the diagnostics-tab may show only a sample or example set of items to simply

help diagnose the root-cause of an issue.

the latest-time shows the latest time issues have been
added to the historical log and ready to be displayed,

based on a re-crawl and data under the products-tab.

that is, the type of issue and id values may affect updating --
generally, id values should never ever change or be reused
for any other physical inventory item.

the latest-time and much of the diagnostics-tab information in general,
are tied to the last crawl time of the website and images and the policies
associated with crawled information compared to submitted information --
the site and images must be re-crawled and those servers must respond
properly and fast enough to google's crawl requests before the historical
data can be added or updated with respect to an item's id.

also importantly, since there are likely millions of websites and billions
of items and images to crawl, the latest (crawl) time cannot be forced.


the number of inventory items and images and the response time

of the servers associated with that data may also impact google's

crawl times and an individual merchant's diagnostics-tab.

however, for many issues, more up-to-date information can be seen
within the products-tab by clicking on the item's title -- for example,
if there were image related issues and the root-cause was fixed, the
product-tab may now display a proper image or disapproved items
may now show searchable -- whereas the diagnostics-tab may still
show those historic issues and will remain to review for 30-days or so.

generally, the diagnostics-tab cannot be used as a real-time check.

otherwise, more direct feedback to google may be given here: