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Re: LED Swimming Pool Lights- Google PLA's shopping issue

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Hi There! I need to know what is the new taxonomy to be applied for  Australia.Previously, I applied Home & Garden > Lighting > Landscape Lighting > Swimming Pool Lights > LED Swimming Pool Lights and had great success but recently it would not upload. I have contacted your support team in the recent 2 months several times on and substantiated snap shots of several Google Shopping Feeds uploaded including actual Product Feeds of the mentioned Swimming Pool Lights and evidencing that my Swimming Pool Light doesn't appear but all I got back from them was a snap shot indicating the great impressions achieved by Google Shopping on this product but also ZERO clicks on my mentioned swimming pool lights because they do not actually appear. Initially, I dealt with a person by the name of Utsap, who admitted an issue and referred me to her technical manager for professional assistance, Wilson but all I got from him was a promise to allow 24 to 72 Hrs to upload. I tried several uploads allowing the time duration for it to load but to no avail. It has now reached almost 2 months now and no success with him or solutions to resolve but him just suggesting 24 to 72hrs to upload and performance stats on Google Shopping Stats on Swimming Pool Lights. Nether did I get any feedback from him based on all the snap shots of the taxonomy, datafeeds and products datafeeds applied or solution to the issue. Need help. Kaylen Reddy- Oz Diodes

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Re: LED Swimming Pool Lights- Google PLA's shopping issue

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a current, valid, google_product_category value is:
Home & Garden > Lighting

product_type may use just about any relevant taxonomy value; e.g.
Lawn and Garden > Landscape Lights > Landscape Well Lights
Patio and Garden > Pool Supplies > Pool Accessories > Pool Lighting Products
Home and Garden > Lighting > Landscape Lighting > Swimming Pool Lights > LED Swimming Pool Lights

results in the ad auctions are determined by the bid and quality --
for example, the quality of all data submitted and other quality
factors such as the website landing-page, ratings, and reviews.

seeing or not seeing items within google-shopping does not
indicate if others are seeing the items -- only the impression
statistics within the account can verify if the items are being
seen by others.

unfortunately, forum-members cannot look into
any submitted data or any account histories --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the
information posted here within the public forum.