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Re: Google Shopping

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I am a bit obsessed with checking my online shop on Google Shopping.  I have 567 items in my shop and am wondering why I only have 14 pages on Google Shopping.  I've seen shops with less items getting more pages on Google shopping.  Do I have to go thru every item in my shop and try to figure out why certain items don't show there?  (which would take a long time....) 

...I am also obsessed with keywords and tags and rules and titles.  This doesn't make sense, especially when one shop with 541 items has "Free Shipping" in every title and they get 25 pages.



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Re: Google Shopping

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Hi Sunny.
I'm a little confused as to what you mean by "14 pages" on Google shopping. Can you elaborate more?

Are you talking about product search pages?

Re: Google Shopping

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When I go into Google Shopping and I put my store name in there, 14 pages of items come up. A few months ago, it was only 10 pages of items.

Re: Google Shopping

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are these (etsy) marketplace items?

Re: Google Shopping

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Re: Google Shopping

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google-shopping is a dynamic, competitive, ad auction;
auction outcomes are determined by quality and bids.

the content and information a seller writes for each item
in the marketplace, and contained on the landing-page,
can influence quality -- both negatively and positively.

items submitted to google-shopping are not guaranteed to win a slot
in the auctions; but more relevant items with enough bid tend to win.

the bid details, which items, and exactly what information, a marketplace
chooses to submit to google-shopping are different for each marketplace --
what a seller writes, the images they create, what the marketplace decides
to submit, and the bid details, all help contribute to which items might be
eligible for, and might win in, the auctions for specific search-terms.

importantly, searching for the same similar items or search-terms over and
over again, without any positive action, usually indicates to google, over time,
that you are uninterested in those product-listing-ads, lowers their relevance,
and may eventually stop winning (stop showing for you on google-shopping).


shipping information is not allowed anyplace within submitted (feed) data,
except within a valid shipping attribute -- google may choose  to display a

zero shipping-price (as free-shopping) in the ad listings; free-shipping may

also be configured as adwords promotional-text or via the promotions-program.

the best likely course is to contact etsy shop support directly --
only etsy-support would know what information is being submitted,
the details of an ad's bid and budget, and what google is reporting
back to etsy in terms of an individual-seller's shop and items.

potential policy violations by other sellers may be
reported to the marketplace or directly to google --

see also

Re: Google Shopping

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OK, that's really complicated but I'll just study it until I understand it. Thank you!