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ROI on Shopping ads.

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Anyone else seeing a poor ROI on the new Shopping campaigns vs the old PLA's?


Here is a typical week for our old PLA.


Here is the first full week of the new Shopping campaign with double the budget.


My feed seems good, you can see the paid clicks dropping the middle of this month however when I started the new campaign:

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Re: ROI on Shopping ads.

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Hi Daryl, it's very difficult to explain such apparent discrepancies without seeing the entire Account and history, but here's some observations:


#1  Your PLA Campaign is using automatic bidding, Enhanced CPC whereas the new Shopping Campaign is fully manual.


#2  Did the old PLA and new Shopping Campaigns run concurrently?  If they did, it's quite possible the old PLA Campaign "stole" good clicks from the new Shopping Campaign (especially given it's bidding strategy).


Bear in mind that the new Campaign is exactly that - a new Campaign.  The old PLA Campaign is making use of your history to adjust bids and get better performance whereas the new Campaign is starting from scratch.


These are really just educated guesses - as I said, it's hard to be precise without more details.  BTW, I'm assuming I'm looking at the right data - your screenshots show a Group called "Google Shopping" in the link for the old PLA and "PLA" in the link for the new Google shopping...



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