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Quick Feature Suggestion

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Hey guys,


I've just spent my weekend buried in data feeds and shopping campaigns desperately trying to create the highest quality data feed I can for one of my clients.


During this coffee fueled weekend I had a little brain wave...


We have image_link and additional_image_link attributes but I think it would be really cool if we had a couple of extra attributes that allow a merchant to describe what's depicted.


I think this extra information would be great for zoomed in images that showcase a certain feature of the product.



Let's say I showed you this as an additional image......

Singer Co



It's a great close-up of one of the product's several features.


Do you have any idea what a "Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole" is? No? Well, neither did I.


But add an image description to that image and we both know what one looks like!



Thanks guys


Happy PPC'ing.


All the best,


Re: Quick Feature Suggestion

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A caption of the image would be indeed a nice feature, however I have not seem many products that show alternative images yet.