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Question on product feed for state sales tax and shipping please

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Novice question setting up my first google feed, analytics, adwords and really struggling...



I am setting up my product feed and had a couple of issues and I am based out of the USA.

I am working in Excel to make the feed and will convert to the proper txt format when done.


If I want to charge sales tax of 7% only in Florida I would first make the attribute column "tax" and I would put for each product (I have 7) the following?:   US:FL:7:n   


If I charge 5 dollars flat rate for USPS PRIORITY shipping anywhere in the USA I would put the following?:

US:Smiley Tongueriority Shipping:5 USD


Are these correct?  and also...2 more ?


If I put these tax and shipping rates in my "settings" in the google merchant center can I just omit them from the feed entirely or should I do both?  and last one... my first attempted feed had tax errors as I used the wrong format but later added them to my settings in the merchant center. Should I just delete and upload it again or will google see the addition in the merchant center with the correct tax info?


Thanks so much for any help.



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Re: Question on product feed for state sales tax and shipping please

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(1) the tax and shipping shown look correct for those scenarios;

(2) feed values override account-settings;

(3) changes require re-uploading.

given flat shipping and tax for all items within the data-feed,
the easiest likely solution would be to simply set the default
shipping and tax within the merchant-center-account and then,
delete the shipping and tax columns altogether from the feed
(spreadsheet) -- then, re-save and resubmit the data-feed file.


generally, any change to the feed or account requires a re-upload.

many spreadsheets add quotes around cell values simply by re-saving a file --
quotes, by default, are not allowed; the effect of quotes can be checked by
viewing the re-saved .txt (feed) file within a browser-window and verifying
the use-quoted-fields settings in the data-feeds-tab of the merchant-center.

assuming no quotes in the saved .txt file and the proper quoted
settings, then those tax and shipping values both look correct.

three colons and no quotes (after re-saving) are required for both values.

but again, given the potential spreadsheet issues for such values,
simply setting a default within the account and deleting the columns,
is the best likely solution -- unless an override for a specific item
is required.

a tax value, set within the feed-file (cell) for an item, will override
any tax information set within the account, for that specific item --
the same for shipping; to use an account-level setting, the (cell)
value for tax (or shipping) in the spreadsheet must be entirely

blank (entirely empty) or the column deleted.

see also