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Question for "Product data specification" about item_group_id

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As you see, here wrote "Submit a variant attribute along with item_group_id. So when submitting item_group_id, make sure that your variants use at least one of the variant attributes: color, pattern, material, age_group, gender, size, size_type, or size_system".

I follow the steps above to submit 2 product feeds with the same item_group_id & different color.
But sadly, however, shopping ads do not show up as I expected.
What I expect is as bellow pic.
内嵌图片 1
But what eventually got is this.
内嵌图片 3
What should I do to achieve the effect of  pic1?
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Question for "Product data specification" about item_group_id

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You should only submit 1 product feed with all the information not 2.


If you have submitted everything correct, Google will only show 1 product of the same type. This to keep the playing field fair. In some situations you can have the other colors listed within the ad, but this is not always the case and depends on allot of factors not publicly known.


Make sure you have added all product information as accurate as possible such as title, image, product identifiers etc...

By doing so you will increase the chances of showing ads with color option inside them.


Hope it helps.

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