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Promotions in Google Shopping Feed

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I have an XML Google Products Feed in the Merchant Centre that is being fetched daily.  I am wanting to set up promotions for some of my products.  In the merchant centre I have setup the promotion and it has been approved by Google, but am now unsure how best to apply this promotion to a selection of my products.


Am I able to just add the 'promotion_id' field to my existing Google Products XML feed?  Or do I need to create a new feed and enter it under the 'Promotions' tab in the Merchant Centre? Adding an additional field to my existing feed would be much easier but cannot see the promotion_id field listed under the Google Shopping feed documentation.  I have found the Merchant Promotions Sample Feed file and under the 'Mapped Product Feed' tab it seems to be the same as my normal google shopping feed.


And advice would be much appreciated.

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Promotions in Google Shopping Feed

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Ignore the promotion data feed, that is if you want to submit promotions via a feed, rather than directly in Google Merchant.


To make this work.


Step 1 : you need to create a promotion and remember the promotion id you used, than choose the option specific products.


Step 2 : Than in your existing Products Data Feed you assign / add the attribute promotion_id to the products you want the promotion to be active on, with the same id you used for the promotion itself.


Submit the updated data feed. When the promotion is approved, it will become active for these products.


Hope it helps.

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Promotions in Google Shopping Feed

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Google Employee

Hi Andy, 


Thanks for reaching out. 


If you're using a promotion with product_applicability set to specific_products,  you can use the promotion_id attribute in both your product and promotion data to match a product to a promotion. Review the Merchant Promotions feed specification.


Since your promotion applies to ‘SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS’, add the ‘promotion_id’ to the ‘promotion_id’ column in the Products Feed for each product to which the promotion applies. The promotion will be approved if the promotion_id is can be mapped in the products feed.