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Promotions - SKU Status "Under review" since August 7th

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We added several Promotions to our product feed on August 6th. The ad text was approved by August 7th but the SKUs themselves are still "under review" as of August 13th. 


The last promo we launched was completely approved within 48 hours.


Why is it taking so long to review these?

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Re: Promotions - SKU Status "Under review" since August 7th

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if the review is for the product-item, not directly related to the
merchant-promotions-program, first be certain that absolutely
no promotional-text is included in any product-feed attribute;
otherwise, if a review-status lingers for more than a few days
or so then, google may be contacted here --

if the review is for the item, and is not directly related to the
merchant-promotions-program, then an extended review
may be for several reasons, including:
(a) a potential policy violation of an item, image, site, or type of product;
(b) submitted data not adhering to the rules or policies of a target-country;
(c) a recently registered feed or existing feed with unreported (syntax) errors;
(d) an item that has not been updated with respect to the most recent policies;
(e) certain (feed) data updates -- such as a new product or any id updates;
(f) a feed that has not been updated (re-uploaded) in over a month;
(g) id values that are not unique or change per-item, or across multiple feeds;
(h) a landing-page or image that cannot be crawled properly, at all times;

also, under the diagnostics-tab, under the current-issues section --
try clicking on the account, feeds, and items, flagged or blue boxes.

if there are any obvious issues, simply make the corrections in the
feed or on the website and then re-upload the registered data-feed,
before contacting google.

however, if the review is related to the merchant-promotions-program
then, the promotion and feed details must meet all the policy-review,

validation-review, editorial-review, and overall program-policy, rules

and requirements.

if a merchant-promotions-program promotion is
under an extended review, check the following:
- check all emails for a rejection email detailing the reason of rejection;
- verify the promotion follows all editorial-guidelines and program-policies;
- if the promotion has exclusions -- verify the promotion
has been mapped to an exact item in the products-feed
- verify the promotion start-time specified in the promotions-feed has begun.

typical program-policy issues include:
- no added-value;
- unclear promotion;
- missing a clear and simple redemption;
- too restrictive;
- no exact product or unclear product-bundle being promoted;
- no point-of-purchase confirmation;
- no redemption-code;
- editorial issues;
- any physical item that violates any google-shopping-policy;

typical editorial-guideline issues include:
- no exact value in the title;
- misleading text;
- missing or inappropriate ALL_PRODUCTS or SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS for applicability;
- missing a floor value for a promotion-range;
- missing a maximum-discount-value;
- an issue with the promotions-feed itself; e.g. redemption-codes in titles.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any of the feeds or account --
we would likely need more specific details to offer specific suggestions --
but a merchant-promotions-program specialist may be contacted directly:

see also

Re: Promotions - SKU Status "Under review" since August 7th

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We followed the guidelines for the promotion feed just as we did with the first one so, everything should be working correctly.

Re: Promotions - SKU Status "Under review" since August 7th

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unfortunately, forum-members cannot look into any of the details; the best
likely course would be to contact a merchant-promotions-program specialist --