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Promotion_id in Products Feed

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So, I'm working on a promotion that only applies to certain products in my product feed.  I have designated it as such in my promotions feed, and the feed has been approved.  And from what I understand, in my products feed, I have created a "promotion_id" column and added the corresponding id in the column for the products that it applies to.  Do I leave the promotion_id column blank for products that don't get the promotion?  My question, first off, am I right thus far?


Next, if I setup another promotion, how do I assign another promotion to one of my products? So, I have a few products that will have multiple promotions applied to them.  Do I just separate the promotion_id's with a comma in the google spreadsheet? Also, if anyone had an example of a products feed that is using multiple promotions on the same product, that would likely help quite a bit as well.   

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Re: Promotion_id in Products Feed

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(1) yes -- that sounds correct.

the exact promotion_id must *only* be added to products that
are definitely included in, and tied to, the specific promotion.

otherwise, for a tab-delimited feed, all the other promotion_id values (cells)
must be entirely and completely empty -- for an xml feed the attribute (tag)
should not be submitted, at all -- for items not included in the promotion.

otherwise, the entire promotion may be denied approval.

(2) yes -- that sounds correct.

for a tab-delimited feed, simply use a comma
to separate multiple promotion_id values --
for an xml-formatted feed use separate tags.

however, always view the .txt file within a browser or text-editor
before uploading -- to verify that no quotation-marks have been
added; many spreadsheets add quotes automatically, simply by
saving or re-saving a file.

always check the processed feed under the products-tab
by clicking on the item's title; if properly submitted and
processed, each promotion_id will be listed separately --
one per line, without quotes.

also note that, after a promotion has been approved, the
promotion_id is locked and cannot be revised or reused.

there are no such official examples that show multiple promotion_id values --
however, for more specific help and guidance a merchant-promotions support
specialist may be contacted directly at google --