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Products not listed on Google Shopping

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We've uploaded our products through Merchant Center. They've been approved. We've added an ad campaign. Yet still our products aren't listing on Google Shopping. What do we do?

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Re: Products not listed on Google Shopping

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products show based on the bid and quality.

product-listing-ads on google-shopping are highly
competitive, dynamic, advertising auctions --
items must have both enough bid and quality to
win a slot in the auctions in order to be listed.

new items may take 24-72 hours or so before
before being assigned an initial bid and quality.

importantly, the submitted data, physical items, website, and supply-chain,
must adhere to all rules and policies; these factors can prevent items from
showing even if the feed has processed successfully with no issues.

generally, wait 24-72-hours and re-check (a) the data-feed status, by clicking
on the feed's name, status, and download-full-report link, under the feeds-tab;
(b) website-crawl status, by clicking on the account, feeds, and items, areas,
under the diagnostics-tab; and (c) the individual-item status, by looking next
to the shopping destination, under technical-details, by clicking on the item's
title, under the products-tab, of the merchant-center-account.

also, be certain that all items match an active
shopping-campain's product-group with a bid.

to verify products are showing, be certain to inspect
the impression data within the shopping-campaign --
rather than actual searches, which can be skewed,

adversely affect long-term auction performance, and
do not necessarily show what others might be seeing.

be certain that all submitted attribute data conform to all the policies
and are both relevant and accurate with respect to the physical item --
especially the item's title and description.

product-listing-ads are not guaranteed to show for any specific search-term --
the ad's impressions and clicks should be checked directly within the account.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any feed or account -- we would
typically need more specific information posted here in the public -forums to
offer more specific suggestions; such as, exact url's, exact data-feed entries,
screen-captures, etc.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support specialist at google may be contacted directly:

see also


Re: Products not listed on Google Shopping

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Check that you are getting impressions in Google Adwords.

If you are getting impressions, but not visually than check your search terms and see if your keyword is listed. If not than check that the titles are relevant to the search terms.

Please be aware to avoid searching in Google Shopping, every time you search for a product and you do show up it triggers an impression. If you do not click on the ad it will lower the CTR and thus reduce your ranking and increases your avg cpc. I advise you to use Google Adwords data for checking what is going on.

Hope it helps.
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