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Products marked as disapproved in merchant feed without reason

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Hi there,


I'm really hoping one of the experts here can help out, I noticed a few others on the forum had similar problems in the past.


We've been going back and forth for a very long time now with our products feed, we have some 2000 products when we submit them approximately 300 are constantly marked as "disapproved" for "Policy violation" which as far as I can see we are not violating anything of this level, we've checked and rechecked, it makes no sense at all.


No reason is given and Google Phone/Email support always ends up giving the same answer of " The automated system is marking these disapproved and we can not over ride this, we are aware of issues and our technical team is working diligently to fix this" which quite bluntly is unbelievable given we've spend hundreds of thousands on google adwords and shopping.  


Clearly no one is working "diligently" to fix anything as this issue has been ongoing for almost a year now. The "specialist teams" never give us an answer.


We've done the following:


Resubmitted with different titles

Resubmitted with different descriptions

Resubmitted with different ID's


We've gone round in circles and google support has been shockingly amature and unhelpful on this matter. Same answer for almost a year now.


I find it disgraceful for a company the size of google happily taking the amount of money they do to give no answers, I could understand this if the service was free, but it's not and in this case the money paid to them has been extremely high.


Is there anyone who can shed some light on why this could be happening and any work arounds.


Many thanks



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Re: Products marked as disapproved in merchant feed without reason

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Hi Ang,

We don't have access to users' AdWords accounts on this forum, so I can't speak to your individual situation. But I've heard of this before, and it is indeed a known issue that the AdWords engineers are working on.

I know this is a frustrating answer, but some of the issues the team works on are at such a large scale and level of complexity that it does take time to find the right solution.

Thanks very much for all your patience,

Re: Products marked as disapproved in merchant feed without reason

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Hi Cassie,

Thank you for your reply, what's getting me here is if I automatically search and replace words like "tablets", "capsules" etc in titles and replace them with something else I can get products listed which does not make any sense at all as other products with those words in them pass without issue. Other sellers list them fine..

We're a certified pharmacy with google adwords, we're registered and checked, I've asked time and time again for someone at adwords to verify this certification has also been applied correctly to our shopping feed account, yet no one ever seems to answer that question.

Now some issues are not complex like above, a basic programmer could fix that, either by A) looking to see if the pharmacy certification flag is being taken into account, and B) adding an explanation to the disapproval element in the shopping feeds on which rule set/s triggered it.

At least it stops paying customers chasing ghosts and wasting months of their time trying to work elements like this, when you've paid a company close to 7 figures for advertising over the years, you expect somewhat better support than someone at the end of the phone reading a fixed script apology.

Google created all it's regulations for listing, we spend money and time reworking our sites and products to meet those regulations.

The right solution on a known issue like this is really not rocket science, Google's engineers simply need to add a temporary manual override where google's own support staff can correct disapproved products while the engineers fix the underlying bug in their own time.

Many Thanks.


Re: Products marked as disapproved in merchant feed without reason

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11/8/2016! and they still haven't fixed this issue. Shocking!

Re: Products marked as disapproved in merchant feed without reason

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