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Products dissapproved

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Hi has anyone had their products disapproved and the merchant team say its because of their policy and something to do with poor landing pages?


After checking other websites on google shopping they have even poorer landing pages. So its not to do with this has anyone else been unfairly treated by google merchant center and not given a real reason as to why??



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Re: Products dissapproved

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no two disapprovals are necessarily alike --
a poor landing-page violation can be for
a variety of issues.

the bulk of the landing-page related policies are currently here:

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
posting the specific landing-pages that were being submitted may allow others
to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact or
re-contact google directly and ask for a merchant-center,
product-listing-ad, support specialist.

as to other websites that seem to have poorer landing pages -- typically,
google does not compare merchants against other merchants who seem
to be violating the same similar policies and have not been caught yet, are
currently under investigation, or who have been flagged but their items are
not fully removed from the auctions yet, or any other similar circumstances --
merchants are usually assessed in isolation, compared to the published policies.

potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google --

see also