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Products disapproved in Google merchant center

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All of the items were processed, but the majority of items are disapproved.

I went into diagnostics and am told there is a "Decompression error" That was an old feed. Since then both XLS and delimited files have been uploaded. Was/is there a way to delete the file from the 12th and replace it? 

Any/ all help is appreciated. 


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Re: Products disapproved in Google merchant center

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unfortunately, those screen-captures do not seem to offer enough information
to make a proper diagnosis; forum-members cannot look into accounts or feeds.

generally, there should only one, single, feed registered
for the target-country; use the same registered feed for all
re-uploads, including any changes, deletions, or additions --
any missing items from a feed are considered a delete and
all items are tracked by id.

there should have been a follow-up email outlining the disapproval issue.

issues can relate to the data being submitted, product variants,
product images, the type of item, account settings, feed settings,
target-country, website details, supply-chain, or some combination
of these -- a single disapproval can be for multiple issues.

google has rather stringent rules, policies, and requirements for the
target-country, type of item, images, feed, supply-chain, and website.

generally, hand-inspect all account settings, all submitted (feed) data,
the entire website, and any microdata on the website, against all the
current rules, policies, specifications, guidelines, and recommendations.

first, check the main dashboard within the
merchant-center for overall account status.

also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications.

blue-box errors within the diagnostics-tab are usually many layers deep --
be certain to continue clicking on, or hovering over, all blue-links or blue or
red symbols -- under each column.

the errors without the diagnostics-tab are logged and historic and
may not be cleaned-up unless the correction overlays the error --
for example, the diagnostics "current" errors may show dates for
affected-items that are many weeks or months in the past, even if
the underlying issue has been corrected; any listed issues should
be evaluated with that in mind.

also, check the specific feed status by clicking
on the data-feed's name under the feeds-tab.

verify that there is only one, single, (data) feed registered --
and carefully inspect the uploaded data-feed file by hand --
any syntax or related issues can sometimes cause a data-feed
to process improperly, but without errors, and disapproved;
the feed-debugger can sometimes help in this regard.

the same registered feed should normally be used for all fixes,
changes, additions, deletions, and re-uploads -- the one, single,
registered feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items.

be certain that id values have not changed for
any submitted item; all items are tracked by id.

inventory data must be re-submitted at least monthly --
typically, at least 3-5 days prior to the expiration -- or,
immediately after a change to the website or physical
inventory (availability) occurs.

also, check the individual item's status by clicking
on the item's title under the products-tab and
clicking on any link under the technical-details area --
in addition to any why-is-this-item-dispproved links.
check for any information under the technical-details.

also, check the emails listed under the settings-tab --
where google would send an email detailing the issues;
be certain google is not blocked via spam or similar
filters and the always-send-results option is selected.

also, check the automatic-item-updates account-settings --
if enabled, the site's microdata must conform to all policies.

depending on the severity of an issue, the type of issue, the number
of issues, or the frequency of issues, some disapprovals are permanent.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we would typicall need specific information such as exact status information,
any exact messages, more detailed screen-captures, registered url, the exact
data submitted, data-feeds-tab and any account history, etc, posted here
within the public forum [minus any personal or private information] to help
diagnose any potential issues or offer more specific suggestions.

generally, google may disapprove an item, feed, or website at any time.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist --

see also