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Products disapproved in Google merchant center

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We manufacture and sell security bags.  We have a about 4-5 security bags that customers use to secure over the counter medications and prescription medications.  I list them as Locking Medication Bags or Prescription Medication Bags.  We sell these bags on Amazon, however, they are "disallowed" in my Merchant Center Feed. I have competitors listing these items on AdWords - none of them are pharmacies.


With these disapprovals I am unable to promote my products on AdWords.


I have sent several emails to Google help addresses, however, no replies or help at all.


Any ideas?

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Re: Products disapproved in Google merchant center

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there are likely three separate, distinct, issues --

(1) the website on which the items are sold must
be owned, verified, and claimed, by the merchant
who is submitting items -- items on marketplaces
such as amazon cannot be submitted by merchants;
the items must be submitted by the marketplace.

(2) if the automated detection systems are being
triggered by the information being submitted then,
about the only way to approach the issue is simply
to subtract or substitute suspected words or phrases
or add words that might indicate a clearer context.

(3) self-manufactured items must have an identifier_exists
attribute with a value of FALSE and gtin, brand, and mpn
cannot be submitted, at all.

in this case, (1) would override anything related to either (2) or (3) --
so, such items likely cannot be submitted as a product-listing-ad.

that said, a single disapproval may be for many multiple issues --

many more than the above three possibilities and forum members

cannot look into data-feeds or accounts.


the best likely course is simply to contact a support specialist

more directly, such as via phone or chat and emphasize that

the issues relate to the merchant-center and product-listing-ads.

the other merchants likely either are submitting
appropriate information and have their own site --
otherwise, potential policy violations by others
may be reported directly to google.


otherwise, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats that
are available and might be a better fit to advertise such items.

see also

Re: Products disapproved in Google merchant center

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There are currently many violations when using pharmaceutical references in Titles and Descriptions.

To try and fix this, try removing all pharmaceutical references and assign a new ID. This will trigger Google in re-reviewing that product.

Please note that this is not guaranteed, but it is known issue for the past 6 months.

The main reason is that the keywords are triggered upon which you need to be registered as per following.

For the US you can sell pharmaceutical products if you are a accredited pharmacist by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy VIPPS Program and Google Certified.

Even thought you are not selling medication, the keywords are being triggered.
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