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Products disappear between content API and Merchant Center

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For a client we’re using a API management tool (Channable) to push product to Google Merchant Center. From this API management tool about 9.000 products are sent to the Merchant Center, but less and less are coming in. Now only 5.000 products are visible in the Merchant Center, and this number is gradually becoming less.


The API management tool can’t find the problem and their log files display that 9.000 products are transmitted successfully to the Merchant Center. The Google Helpdesk can’t find the problem either, as they say they only receive about 5.000 products and can’t see that about 9.000 should arrive. So both parties can’t find out where products disappear.


Is anyone familiar with this situation and can point in the right direction what causes this and how to resolve it? Any help is appreciated!




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Re: Products disappear between content API and Merchant Center

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google may show only a subset, or sample, of submitted items in an account;
not all items submitted are necessarily listed within all areas of the account --
for example, be certain there are no active filters.

also, if any item is inserted with the same id value, as some other item,
then the previous item will be treated as a duplicate and silently dropped.

also, items will be dropped from the account as the items expire --
google requires that all items be re-inserted at least monthly,
or immediately, if there is any critical change to the website,
or the merchant's physical, on hand, in stock, inventory.


also, be certain there are no feed-rules, or supplemental-feed (feed-rules),
or other account-level-settings, configured, that may override the api-calls.


also, be certain that the items are only being submitted using the one api-tool;
results from items submitted via multiple api-tools, or submitted using the api
and a feed, especially any previously configured feed, are mostly undefined.

the best likely course is to first navigate to the api-dashboard
within the merchant-center-account and carefully examine the

number of failed and successful api calls:

if the number of successful calls equals the number of products inserted,
then the issue is likely policy or expiration related; click on the main
diagnostics-tab to help determine if there are any policy issues with

the items, account, website, or some combination.

policy issues can be related to the items, type of physical products,
website, business details, or account, or some combination of these.

be certain to click on the account-issues-tab and item-issues tab --
navigate to the bottom of the page and click on any view-samples links,
and carefully examine the samples, and slowly hover over any circle-?'s
and click on each learn-more-link:

also, check all items in the ad-account -- click on the shopping-campaign,
products-tab, add the product-status column, and hover over each status.

otherwise, if the number of items with successful api calls does not equal
the number of items listed under the products-list-tab of the merchant-center,
then the items may not be inserted with the proper destination, or the items
have simply expired, or inserted with an early, or improper, expiration-date --
all items expire naturally within 30-days from their insertion, or earlier, if an
expiration_date is submitted with an override; expired items are removed:


importantly perhaps, the number of api-calls does not necessarily reflect

the number of physical inventory items or items listed -- for example, the

same item may be sent multiple times, or variants may be sent improperly.

otherwise, have someone, who has access to the exact request and response
results from the api-calls, post in google's content-api-for-shopping forums --
so that a person on the api-teams at google may help examine the details:!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping


Products disappear between content API and Merchant Center

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Thank you for your extensive answer Celebird.


You've pointed me in the right direction, since it had something to do with the failed and successful api calls. Even though for every product at least one api call should have been made in a 30-day period, this wasn't the case. Therefore products were removed from the Merchant Center. But the API management tool still displayed that 9000 products were sent successfully, but this wasn't the case in the Merchant Center.


With a trick all the products have been "reset", so now the products that didn't come through are visible again.