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Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Hi there,


Celebird once again would love your input Smiley Happy Appreiciate your help and appreciate this is a common problem, but I really cannot see any other way forward with this.


I have had our google base/shopping feed working well for years now. All of a sudden on 8th July we have 320 products dissaproved or invalid our of 1100. They have been fine now maybe for well over 2 or 3 years, and were not changed just prior to this.


Shopping:Disapproved or invalid Disapproved or invalidSearch API for Shopping:Disapproved or invalid Disapproved or invalid


Under the data quality tab there is 15 errors showing, which to be honest have been showing for most of the year and are invalid GTIN numbers... I do not believe this is related to the 320 that have just been wiped out.


Looking at the products I can see no reason why they are dissaproved or invalid... so I contact the Google Shopping support and get this:


Google helper: Philip, so the products have been disapproved for violating the Google Shopping policies. However, we do not have exact details on this.
I recommend re-uploading the product tweaking the product's title and description in order to make sure the product is not misunderstood to be something that it's not, but still I cannot guarantee this will work. at this point our systems do not the exact disapproval reasons.
Our engineering team is currently working on developing tools that will allow us to take action at a more granular level, but for now we cannot do anything about this.

Me: Great help.


So as an example... we sell dvds.. we have a box set of Goodnight Sweetheart dvds... title is :Goodnight Sweetheart DVD, description is: The entire Goodnight Sweetheart series on DVD in this box set. No promotional text, correct prices, availability, url and image working and correct...


I cannot see how I this could be misunderstood? The feed is 500kb so is too large for the debugger.... does anyone have any ideas what to do next?


The online google support suggested there was no reason to call or take the google support any further as anyone from google would only have the same information as him, which was none.... Great customer service again from Google...




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Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Just as an addition we have the product location/address as a PO box... would this be against the terms of service?

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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(1) the length of time a feed has been active and working
has no impact on any disapproval or suspension status.

(2) generally, an issue being flagged for a time is designed
to give merchants time to fix those issues -- such unfixed
issues, depending on the details and severity, eventually
may trigger a disapproval or suspension, at any time.

invalid or improper global-trade-data (gtin, brand, mpn) is a policy
violation and is grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

(3) there are dozens of issues within the feed or on
the website, or both, that can trigger a disapproval
or suspension, at any time.

(4) if someone on the google-shopping-team is handling the case,
the best likely course is to continue working directly with google --
forum members can mainly offer suggestions and possibilities
based on the information posted in the public forums.

importantly, only a person at google can directly
change any disapproval or suspension status.

a google-adwords representative from the
google-ads-team may also be contacted here --

be certain to use the drop-down country menu, and the
drop-down language menu, to display the appropriate
contact details for your country, language, and time zone.

when contacting adwords be certain to emphasize
that the issue is about "product listing ads".

also, be certain to have on-hand the original or most recent
trouble-ticket (case) number before contacting adwords.

(5) only a person at google can look into the exact data that was
being submitted and the entire historical account information.

(6) yes, promotional text anywhere within the submitted data,
incorrect prices, improper availability or condition information,
or invalid images, are all grounds for disapproval or suspension.

(7) generally, the debugger shows only issues associated with the
feed data that may indirectly trigger a disapproval or suspension --
typically, the debugger cannot directly flag disapproval issues.

a few items may be copied and uploaded within a test-feed and
that test-feed (with a subset of items) inspected in the debugger.

(8) location and address information cannot be submitted --
generally, only data associated with the physical product or
how the physical product might be used, may be submitted.

yes, a p.o.-box address on the website usually cannot be
used for contact information and generally violates the
user-safety policies.

however, violating the user-safety policies are only one of many
policy violations that may trigger a disapproval or suspension,
at any time.

for example, media items submitted without a valid and accurate gtin value;
for example, promotional text such as delivery information seen anywhere in
the submitted data, other than within a valid and accurate shipping attribute;
for example, the same or similar items submitted from multiple sites such as
a private-website and a marketplace; for example, submitting incorrect prices
or prices without vat; for example, prices improperly displayed within the
guidelines on the website; for example, improper availability information
in the submitted feed or on the website; for example, submitting an item's
condition as new when an item is vintage or used; for example, submitting
images with watermarks -- these are examples of issues -- in the feed or

on the website -- that may eventually  trigger a disapproval or suspension,

at any time.

other issues that can trigger a disapproval are currently here:

see also

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Thanks Celebird,

Thanks for the response. I have emailed Google customer support, despite the online chat telling me they would be able to tell me no more... and will see if I can get someone to offer me guidance.

So just to be clear, having a PO box address on my website can get my google shopping products disapproved? Wow, we are a large ish retailer and I would never give away the location of our stock for the security of our stock, but might have to rethink!

Would this result in just 320 of the 1100 products in our feed be dissaproved? And not the whole lot? Thanks for the other points, like I say Im pretty sure we meet all the other policies.

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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first, you're welcome.

generally, parts of the user-safety policies relate to the business-model

and transparency -- the company's details, such as its physical address

and contact information, may be taken into account.

this does not in any way mean that this is the

cause of a specific disapproval or suspension.


google may show only examples or samples of items that are

triggering the disapproval -- or the item's status may simply

take awhile to be verified, assigned, and settle in the account --

especially for issues related to quality or the website; in those

cases, the site and all items and images submitted should be

hand-inspected to be certain that all rules, policies, guidelines,

and requirements, are being met.

a single disapproval may be triggered by many multiple issues --
for example, in the (feed) data submitted, the supply-chain, the

business details, or information on the website; typically, the more

issues that are triggering a disapproval the more challenging the

process; especially if thousands of products or multiple websites

might be involved.


google is the final arbiter of all policies so continuing

to work directly with google is likely the best course.


Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Hi Celebird,

Thanks again. I have emailed adwords customer support 2 days ago nearly now, and not heard anything back, not even an acknowledgement of receipt... is that normal standards for them?

With no knowledge as to what is wrong with my feed I have just been hacking at it.

I have been culling my feed database... I have capitalised the words DVD (we sell DVD, and personally I still think it should be DVD and not dvd)... I have removed all the MPN numbers as it seems they are no longer required in the media category.... some of the dvds we sell did not have MPN numbers, so I had copied the GTIN... maybe that was the problem?

I have uploaded it... and should I just wait? How long for before my next changes?

Next I will remove the PO Box address... do I even need a location attribute anymore? When I try to look up this kind of information I seem to get lots of out of date information.

Its great being a Google customer! Like trying to work out a puzzle and if you crack it, you can pay them money.

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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first, you're welcome again.

(a) has google been called on the phone?

see (4) in the original response.

(b) excessive or gimmicky capitalization violates the policies.

capitalization should be standard for the language being submitted;

(c) yes, using mpn for gtin is a policy violation;

global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) cannot be self-assigned by merchants;
global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) can be assigned only by manufacturers.

yes, the type of item determines what global-trade-data is required;
media items require only a valid and accurate gtin.


any global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) submitted must be

either valid and accurate for the item, as assigned by the

manufacturer, or left entirely blank (empty).


if all values are blank (empty) then the attribute may be removed altogether.

(d) status changes typically take 24-72 hours or so to settle.

(e) location information is currently invalid in a feed.

submitted (feed) data should contain only information about an item being sold.


submitting information in a feed related to the website or business

or other ancillary information -- unrelated to the item being sold --

is generally not allowed.

(f) location information to verify user-safety policies is crawled
or inspected directly on the website -- not in submitted data.


Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Hi Celebird,

Thanks again for your help... you seriously are the only sense and help I have had... do you get paid by Google? please tell me you get lots.

I had an email back from Adwords support... firstly I had an email saying:

Don't worry, I have now consulted the specialists for more clarification on the same and will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

And then a few days later:

just heard back from the specialists regarding your concern about the disapproved products.

Because we share proprietary technology with other Google products, we are unable to comment on specific aspects of the Google Shopping algorithm that may affect your products.

So Google are unable to comment as to why..other than telling me 'not to worry'. Yeah having a business that depends on Google is anything other than mental health anxiety inducing.

I have removed the MPN numbers and I think it has been 4 days now and the 320 products are still disapproved... Shall I wait longer or start making more changes? Is there anyone I could pay to look at my feed?

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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has a product-listing-ads specialist
at google been called on the phone?

i am not a google employee and do not get paid by google.

as to waiting longer --

under the products-tab, when clicking on the title of an item,
the technical-details section should show the (shopping and api)
status with a last-update-on date.

under the main dashboard the data-quality section should
show quality information with a last-data-snapshot date.

these two dates can be compared to the data-feed file's
processed-on date, under the feed-status-summary report
to help determine if additional wait-time is needed.

as to the feed --

there are many item-disapproval issues that can have nothing
whatever to do with a feed; just three examples among many --
(1) user-safety issues on the website;
(2) the physical item being submitted to google from multiple websites --
such as a private-site and a marketplace (e.g. etsy, ebay, nexttag, etc);
(3) a single, vat-inclusive, price not clearly displayed on a landing-page.

in such cases, nothing can be done to any
feed that could affect the item's status.

also, even if an issue is corrected, a person at google may need to review
the fixes and directly change the item's status; a status change does not
necessarily happen automatically regardless of the issue being within the
data (feed) submitted or related to the website or both.


has google been contacted to review any feed or website fixes?

have there been any suspension messages seen within the account?


posting exact entries from the feed, with an exact disapproval message

and any quality messages, here within the public forums, may allow us

to offer more exact suggestions.

see also

Re: Products changed to Dissaproved or Invalid.

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Hi Celebird,

Thanks again, and yes yesterday I had a call from someone at Google after I emailed the last Adwords specialist we spoke to. He said he would get someone to call who could help.

The first step he gave me yesterday was to delete some prices from the feed, and then re type them exactly the same and re upload them and wait another 48 hours.

This is because under my data quality it was showing 15 items as incorrect prices, even though they are correct in the feed and match my site... I think it is looking like for some reason my feed is not updating in their system. Your tips above on checking update dates and times could be useful I will check those now.

Anyway he suggested just retyping the prices as they are, and resubmitting and waiting another 48 hours... to me it seems rather bizarre... I struggle to see what deleting a price in a spreadsheet and then retyping it exactly the same could achieve... maybe possibly remove any unseen error in the spreadsheet? I will update here, incase anyone reads this in the same position as me in the future.