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Products basic details never changes (Urgent!!!)

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Hi there,


I got a urgent issue with Google shop feeds upload.  I deleted the old feeds and products on Google shop, then upload the new feeds. The are some mirror difference between the old and new feeds[Like the old one I used group id which didn't apply to the new one ], but no difference on the description content on the product, other way speaking, for buyer, they can't tell the difference. 


Later I found nothing happend after I applied the changes, I seems like every time I upload new feeds, google shop still read the structure from "Cache" stored somewhere. Even I delete the feed and products, and waited a couple of days, then upload new feeds, the products show in google shop still have the same issue.


Screenshot from 2015-10-09 10:05:10.png


Like the img show above, it doesn't matter how many times I delete the feeds and created new feeds. The products create time stay still, it seems once the products have been upload, google will remember it forever.


Appreciated for any advice and help in advance !!!


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Re: Products basic details never changes (Urgent!!!)

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first, never, ever delete the feed unless a person at google indicates to do so.

use the same exact registered feed for any and all updates --
and be certain there is only one, single, registered data-feed.

register only one feed, only once -- e.g.
name the feed file something like:

use the same, single, registered data-feed for any and all re-uploads --
use the same feed for all changes, deletes, additions, and re-uploads;
use only one feed and never delete the registered feed.

items are tracked by id -- be certain that each physical item has
a unique id value that never, ever, changes between re-uploads;
any changes, deletions, or additions are tracked, and based on, id.

a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for an item's id; e.g.


the same registered feed must simply be re-uploaded at least monthly --

about a week before expiration -- or whenever a change to the website,

or your physical inventory availability, occurs.


use the same feed.

constantly deleting feeds will greatly confuse google.

the best likely course is simply to verify that only one,
single, feed is registered and listed within the account --
never, ever, delete that one, single, data-feed.

then, simply wait 72-hours or so for everything to settle and
then, contact a merchant-center support specialist at google.

Re: Products basic details never changes (Urgent!!!)

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Hi Celebird,

Thank so much for your reply. I understand deleting the feeds is not the best practice, but some of the change in the feed never apply to listing products, it seems like some "attributes" permanently stored by google shop once they been upload.
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Re: Products basic details never changes (Urgent!!!)

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first, you're welcome.

not deleting the feed is a basic requirement of proper processing --
the single registered feed should normally never, ever, be deleted,
unless a person at google indicates to do so.

only one feed should be registered once.

the product's create-time will never change and is always the same --
that is the 'birth' epoch time of the physical item (id) within google's
database, when the item is first added -- and is normal.

deleting the feed or changing id values may prolong or confuse this process.

assuming the feed is never deleted and the id values never change,
after the feed is re-uploaded and properly processed with no issues,
a new last-update-date and any changes should be seen within the
merchant-center products-tab -- a few hours after the re-upload.

only the id and create-date will be permanent;
all other (attribute) changes are based on the id
and seen in the products-tab after processing --
unless a delete or id change confuses this process.


any feed delete may take many hours or a few days to settle,

with respect to individual items and status within the account --

the entire process will begin anew rather than a simple update.

after the the last-update-date has been seen within the products-tab,
google may re-review the items and website for policy issues before
assigning a final status -- this may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so.

with respect to google-shopping -- google caches the information until

the feed has been fully processed, all id values have been verified to

have not changed, and the items are updated with any changes and

assigned an updated status after policy checks of the items and site;

then, searchable items will try to match a product-group within the

linked account's shopping-campaign, assigned a bid, and entered

into the auctions -- only then, may changes that are seen under the

merchant-center may also be seen on google-shopping.

again, deleting the feed or changing id values

may greatly prolong or confuse this process.