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Products are not shown on google shopping

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Hello,I want to show my products on google shop but my merchant store have some products without any error and some products with errors like GTIN numbers is not submitted and having watermarks on images.So i just want to ask why my products which don't have any error are not shown on google shop?Thank you in advance

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Products are not shown on google shopping

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(a) all errors should be corrected, and all items reviewed for any similar
issues, even if not flagged by google yet; all such possible issues should
be either corrected, or the items removed, in a timely manner; otherwise,
too many or too frequent policy-flags are grounds for items to be removed
from the auctions, or a suspension from the program, at any time.

(b) an item must win a slot in the auctions to show;

an item wins a slot in the auctions based mainly on the bid and quality.

generally, if items are not showing on google-shopping,
either increase the bid, or improve quality, or both.

quality includes such factors as: all the data submitted for the item,
especially the title and description, as measured against the exact
physical item being sold and shipped; the quality of product-images,

as measured against the physical item and all google's image rules;
the landing-page quality; the long-term statistical history of the item
and product-group in the ad-auctions; external business-related factors,
such as ratings and reviews; participation in the merchant-promotions
program; following all google's recommendations and best-practices for
all data submitted and the entire website; inspecting the search-data
in the ad-account and adding negative-terms for irrelevant searches, etc.

also, be certain to verify if items are being shown to others by carefully
inspecting the impression data within the ad-account, never live searches;

using live searches, especially over time, can harm quality.