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Products Not Shown in Shopping Search Results

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In my Google Merchant Center's Products List (Destination: Shopping) Products Status are showing as Searchable.

But, while I'm going to search with the products name, not any of the products are showing from my website in Please help how my products can be found in search results?


(N.B: My targeted country is set to United Kingdom)

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Re: Products Not Shown in Shopping Search Results

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products show based on the bid and quality.

product-listing-ads and google-shopping are highly
competitive, dynamic, advertising auctions --
items must have both enough bid and quality to
win a slot in the auctions in order to be shown.

importantly, the submitted data, physical items, website, and supply-chain,
must adhere to all rules and policies; these factors can prevent items from
showing even if the feed has processed successfully with no issues.

for example, items submitted as in stock must be physically owned
by the merchant and currently in the merchant's on-hand inventory.

be certain to re-check the website (crawl) status -- by
clicking on the account, feeds, and items, areas, under
the diagnostics-tab of the merchant-center-account.

also, be certain that all items match an active
shopping-campaign's product-group with a bid --
changes to submitted data can cause items
not to match a product-group; items without
a competitive bid will not be seen.

to verify products are showing, be certain to inspect the impression data
directly within the shopping-campaign, rather than any actual searches --
which can be skewed, adversely effect long-term auction performance, rank,
and cost-per-click, by lowering click-through-rates as no positive actions
are taken when the ads are shown, and do not necessarily show what
others may be seeing.

relevance is one important factor that helps determine an ad's quality.

be certain that all submitted (attribute) data conforms to all policies
and are both relevant and accurate with respect to the physical item --
especially the item's title and description; verify attribute relevance by
carefully inspecting the search-term data in the shopping-campaign.

product-listing-ads are not guaranteed to show for any specific search-term --
an ad's impressions and clicks should be checked directly within the account.

items without enough quality, or with uncompetitive bids, will not show.

as an aside, but also importantly, be certain that no physical inventory is
not also being submitted from another website or marketplace (e.g. ebay) --
that may cause items to compete against each other in the auctions and
is also a policy violation that may trigger items to be removed from the
auctions or an eventual disapproval or suspension, at any time.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any account histories or
submitted data details -- forum-members can mainly offer suggestions
based on the information posted here within the public forum; however,
a support specialist at google may be contacted directly:

in summary:
- be certain no similar items are being submitted from multiple websites;
- be certain physical inventory and entire website meet all google's policies;
- be certain all submitted data meet all google's (data-feed) specifications;
- be certain to check for any submitted data (feed) or website related issues;
- be certain to wait 72-hours for all items to be approved and assigned a bid;
- use impression statistics to verify items are showing, never direct searches.

see also

Re: Products Not Shown in Shopping Search Results

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Without running ad campaigns does the products can't be seen in Shopping results? Is there no organic ways to see products in shopping results?

Re: Products Not Shown in Shopping Search Results

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(1) correct -- without running a paid shopping-ad campaign
products cannot be seen in any google-shopping results.

(2) no; there are no free, organic, ways to see products in shopping results.

google-shopping results have not been free for quite some time.

google-shopping is cost-per-click advertising --
shopping-ad payments to google are per click.

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