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Products: Different Attributes & Prices on the Same Landing Page - Pricing Issue

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In our store, we have some items that are the same but have 3-4 different variants (not size, color or any of those, btw). Each variant has a different price.


We put these on the same page and remove the single product page to keep from having so many URLs of essentially the same products from our customers and from polluting Google.


Since these items have different prices, Google has a hard time knowing which price to display. How should I handle this? Should I just increase my SKU and page count by 40,000 items? For Google shopping even, that seems like a bad idea since each group of products has the same everything, minus the simple variant.


For those familiar with Magento, these are grouped products, not configurable products.

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Products: Different Attributes & Prices on the Same Landing Page - Pricing Issue

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generally, a different price requires a separate link landing-page --
usually by either using url-parameters and server-side scripting,
or a separate web-page; also, be certain there is only one, single,
displayed price on the page.

if the landing-page contains structured-data, then be certain
there is only one, single, item-offer, with one, single, price,
that exactly matches the offer being submitted -- via sku/id,
global-trade-data, or both; depending on the specific issue,

also consider disabling the optional automatic-item-updates

feature within the merchant-center-account.


other than price, whatever variant-detail forces the item to
be a physically different inventory item -- such as a flavor,
internal component, etc., may be mapped to a supported
variant -- such as flavor to color, or gigabytes to size;

regardless, such variant details should be included in

each title and description, for each item-offer.

only a physical inventory item is allowed be submitted as an item-offer --
representative, parent, or grouped-items that do not have a preselected
variant with a matching price, generally are not allowed and are grounds
for items to be removed from the auctions due to low-quality, disapproval,
or suspension from the program, at any time.


alternatively, google does not require that all variants be submitted --

for example, only submit the default item/price on the landing-page;

or perhaps consider using other campaign-types and ad-formats for

advertising such offers.

as to polluting, each page should be unique, with a different price and
exact variant; otherwise, there are likely many methods to ensure that
variant-pages are meeting google-search policies, or are not indexed --
the issue is mostly outside the scope of this forum and is likely better
addressed within google's webmaster-help-forum:!forum/webmasters!categories/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking


posting, here in public, more specific details, may allow

other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, if google continues having a hard time,
the best likely course is to contact google directly.