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Product still under review because of URL Redirect?

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I've had a product awaiting review for 3 days now. The URL looks like this: which is a permalink that redirects to this URL:


If i copy the longer URL and add a product to the feed it goes through fine but the top URL it stays under review.

Can anybody tell me why this is happening? The URL redirects to a page on the same domain.


I did speak to someone from google customer services and they never picked up on that issue they just said some products take longer than others.  The two products still awaiting review are the ones with the permalink URLs.








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Re: Product still under review because of URL Redirect?

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a review can sometimes simply take more than three-business days.

for best results, all link, image_link, additional_image_link,
and mobile_link, attribute url values should land directly on
the appropriate page or file without any popups or redirects --
all url's should respond with a proper 200 return-code, at all times.

the redirects likely could not keep pace with all google's

crawl requests, at all times, or some other similar issue.

the best likely course would be to simply use all direct links.


if the url's continue to respond improperly or not fast enough, such

items can linger with a review status or be assigned a disapproval,

at any time -- too many disapprovals and trigger a suspension.

of course, a review can linger due to many other issues, including:
(a) a potential policy violation of an item, image, site, or type of product;
(b) submitted data not adhering to the rules or policies of a target-country;
(c) a recently registered feed or existing feed with unreported (syntax) errors;
(d) an item that has not been updated with respect to the most recent policies;
(e) certain (feed) data updates -- such as a new product or any id updates;
(f) a feed that has not been updated (re-uploaded) in over a month;
(g) id values that are not unique or change per-item, or across multiple feeds;
(h) a landing-page or image that cannot be crawled properly, at all times;

also, under the diagnostics-tab, under the current-issues section --
try clicking on the account, feeds, and items, flagged or blue boxes.

if there are any obvious issues, simply make the corrections in the
feed or on the website and then re-upload the registered data-feed,
before re-contacting google.

if a support specialist is already handling the case, or the case has already
been escalated, the best likely course would be to continue working directly
with the person and team who have already been assigned the case.

otherwise, try (also) submitting the following form:

Re: Product still under review because of URL Redirect?

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If the URL's are not acceptable why does the feed not show this? Why does it just stay on review? No one from google is actually dealing with this they just advised me it should be resolved on friday which it hasn't. I will contact them again on Monday.

Re: Product still under review because of URL Redirect?

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if redirects are accepted or not often depends on the server involved.

some web-servers simply cannot keep pace with all google's crawls --
in those cases, such (redirected) links cannot be submitted without
risking a long or indeterminate review or disapproval.


for best results submit direct links for all url's submitted.

in terms of not showing an exact issue or error messaage --

the automated feed processing is simply not that exact in all
cases and does not necessarily show an exact specific issue.

for an extended review the choices generally are:
(a) simply wait until the review status changes.
(b) resubmit the feed to see if the web-server can
now respond properly or fast enough to a re-crawl --
if not, other items that do not respond properly or
fast enough will also be flagged during the re-crawl;
otherwise, the server may not meet google's quality standards
so, direct links should be considered or may be required.
(c) use the check-list, in the previous posting, to
help determine if other issues may be involved.
(d) delete the item from the feed.

otherwise, simply re-contact a support specialist directly.