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Product price data different at GMC dashboard and at data taken via Content API

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Our Merchant ID is ,  on the diagnostics dashboard we have 2779 issues regarding "Automatic item updates due to incorrect prices"

    when i investigate issues I found that, for example for productid online:en:US:196614,  the price on our website is 3.99$, your crawler got also price of $3.99,
    but product detail page into Google Merchant Center account shows old price of $3.85. (see screenshots)

    But, when I make API call (products.get

)  , i got correct price:

"kind": "content#product",
"id": "online:en:US:196614",
"offerId": "196614",
"title": "Architectural Model Golden Grass Meadow Sheet:Green,Sheet,4 7/8\" x 6\",Meadow",
"description": "A realistic collection of meadows that attempt to match nature's vibrant colors delicate contours and diverse textures.* Made using an innovative twisted wire process and handcrafted detail.* 4 7/8\" x 6\" sheet of golden grass meadow.Specifications:Color: GreenFormat: SheetSize: 4 7/8\\\" x 6\\\"Type: Meadow",
"contentLanguage": "en",
"targetCountry": "US",
"channel": "online",
"availability": "in stock",
"brand": "Wee Scapes",
"condition": "new",
"googleProductCategory": "Furniture > Office Furniture > Workspace Tables > Art & Drafting Tables",
"gtin": "853412003165",
"mpn": "WS00316",
"price": {
"value": "3.99",
"currency": "USD"
"productType": "Drafting & Architecture > Modelling > Modelling materials",
"shipping": [


    This takes place for now - second day, at the dashboard I see $3.85,  calling API i got $3.99 , and in the diagnostics I got AN ISSUE AND 29% OF AFFECTED CLICKS !

Please investigate - what happens wrong, from your or our side? Please fix soon, as the count of this issue is goes UP

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Product price data different at GMC dashboard and at data taken via Content API

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Please remove any personal identifiable information, this is a public forum where some viewers might have sinister ideas that they can use with your id.


Note this is a community forum where members alike assist each other, if you need personal help from Google. Please contact Google


As for my advice, if Google sees 3.85 than make sure you add microdata to correctly display the price in the backend. Also make sure the price that the consumer is going to pay for is the first price listed.


Move the list price underneath the effective price.


Also note that you need to make sure the data feed is submitted every day if you have frequent price changes.

Also note that Google Merchant Diagnostic panel can be 30 days old as Google does not crawl every page every day. So take this into consideration, you can click on the product itself and check when it was crawled last.


Hope it helps


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Product price data different at GMC dashboard and at data taken via Content API

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Hi Igor,


We are experiencing the same issue.  For us, the prices in Merchant Center have been hung up since February 7th.  We typically update price twice a day.  When we request the price from their API, we get the correct price, but Merchant Center displays something else.

Product price data different at GMC dashboard and at data taken via Content API

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     i got no solution from all the replies, this is the common words, posted in each topic.

     We use Adwords, Content API for about several years and know mostly all about this.

     I placed the specific issue, always contacted Content API forum and support - they route me to this forum. Because the API works well.