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Product pages cannot be accessed from a mobile device

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Hi all.


We have uploaded our product feeds to GMC and we are receiving multiple issues around the access of pages.   Our set up is multiple feed entries each targeting a specific country with a single currency however, for each of these feeds we are receiving the "Product pages cannot be accessed" and "Product pages cannot be accessed from a mobile device". 


I have tested the pages and they load fine on all types of devices. There are no issues with the feed (according to GMC). Our website is responsive so there are no differences in the URL between web and mobile views.


Our UK feed (which uses the exact same pages) has no issues at all.  The only difference here is that non-GBP currencies are switched using a landing URL which ends with "?currency=eur".


If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Product pages cannot be accessed from a mobile device

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Please provide links so we can look at it. If you can not provide any further details than make sure you have no IP or country blocking. That all links can be accessed regardless of devices or location. That there are no redirects from the original link.


Further more you can also contact Google directly in Adwords or Merchant Center in the top right corner.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Product pages cannot be accessed from a mobile device

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the best likely course would be to contact google directly.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members
cannot look into any accounts or any submitted data.


some messages are simply temporary or historic,

and require google to crawl the site again, or time

for the issue to be resolved after another crawl.

posting more specific information, here in the public forum, such as a specific,
exact, url, a specific set of all attributes submitted for a flagged item, and
a specific error from google, including the time-stamp, may help to allow

other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

generally, seeing an item within a browser-window,
does not, in any way, indicate what google is seeing
for any crawl, or any crawl related to mobile devices.

generally, the landing-page must show the exact same price and currency,
regardless of where the user is physically located and regardless of how
many times the user returns to the landing-page, submitted to google --
this typically means that all target-country link/mobile_link landing-pages
submitted must have static prices, cannot change any currency based on
any user-specific detail, such as ip-address, user-agent, or geo-location
information, and must *always* include a separate url or url with an
exact country/currency and the exact variant details for one, exact,

physical in stock, inventory item, being offered for sale;
for example:

otherwise, some countries simply cannot be targeted directly.

other possibilities to consider, for cannot-access related errors:
- all data shown, on the landing-page, must be identical for all users;
- all google's crawlers must see the same data as all users and all browsers;
- all landing-pages must be accessible at all times;
- a server's configuration cannot change what users/google-crawlers see --
including robots.txt, .htaccess, hosting or e-commerce settings, or scripts;
- all url's submitted cannot redirect and must be accessible from any locale;
- http, https, or www, versions of the site must be properly claimed and
the claimed url must match all submitted landing-page url's, exactly;

- special characters within url's must be properly escaped;
- dynamic sites must show the same product data details, regardless of device;
- any structured-data must match the submitted data, at all times;
- any structured-data must match the variant and the currency and price;
- any structured-data changes must be server-side -- never client-side;
- any structured-data on a submitted landing-page,
must be identical for all users, regardless of location,
browser user-agent, or any other user-specific detail;
- url's must return proper 200/ok, at all times, for all browser user-agents.