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Product listing ads with impressions but no clicks

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Hi there,


I have a high number of individual products in my PLA campaign that have fairly high impressions but no clicks.


Is it likely that the primary issue here is the price we sell these products at compared to our competitors?


Would boosting the CPC bids make much difference to try and build some clicks, or is this scenario at the mercy of product pricing primarily?


Many thanks,



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Re: Product listing ads with impressions but no clicks

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With CTR and Shopping it is what people see on your product but also the competitors.

A low CTR can mean that the Title, Image, Price, Description, Store name or any other visible attributes are not to the liking of the customer or that a competitor is doing something much better than you such as reviews, offers, promotions and position.

Elements to look at are :
the relevancy of your search term, if you have search terms that are below 1% and not even relevant, than I remove them
search impression lost : I tend to aim at 10%

Boosting CPC, would it help? Yes and no, it all depends how good your account is. Not only does your bidding and keyword management play a huge role but also your data feed quality.

When I start with a new client I always start at the basics which are ensuring the data feed quality is as best as possible, which means good titles and remove all errors and warnings
Than ensure the landing page is optimal, IE : user friendly etc... You might say that landing page has not much to do with CTR, well in a way it does. As it contributes towards your overall ranking. And thus your position.

I hope this has been useful.
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Re: Product listing ads with impressions but no clicks

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lack of impressions is usually tied to the bid and quality.

lack of conversions is usually tied to quality, both
within the ad and on the site, and potentially price.

lack of clicks is usually tied to ad quality and
therefore relevancy, and potentially the price.

for product-listing-ads, quality includes -- the quality of all attribute-values
submitted (in the data-feed) as measured against google's specifications,
the relevancy of all submitted data as measured against the physical item.
and other qualify factors such as ratings, reviews, merchant-promotions,
and negative-words.

for example, within the merchant-center-account (a) check the feed-status
under the feeds-tab; (b) check the account, feed, and item history under
the diagnostics-tab; and (c) inspect the individual item details under the
products-tab by clicking on an item's title -- for any issues or any potential

areas for improvement.

for example, check the current feed specifications and recommendations
against all attributes submitted and against the physical characteristics
of the product or how the product might be used; look to either improve
or remove any irrelevant information -- title and description are critical

but do not neglect all the other attributes submitted -- or potentially not

submitted -- that could improve the item's overall quality.

for example, check the dimensions-tab within the shopping-campaign
to inspect the search-terms triggering impressions; the information
may be used to improve the quality of all data submitted and suggest
negative-words to add for irrelevant terms.

for example, consider the merchant-promotions-program so
specific offers may be used to adjust the price during certain
time frames, or to highlight promotional events.