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Product images in Merchant Centre

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about 18mths ago my merchant centre feed was stopped as images had brand names and or additonal descriptive text on them. I began the arduous process of revising images even though this spoilt the look of many images. At the time other companies had images which didn't comply still live.

I'm now looking at running another campaign as I haven't run for a year and amazingly the same advertisers are still running "illegal" images.

For example


Most appear to be ebay but there are others that aren't. I feel like I was singled out as all these other advertisers surely a year later should have there images compliant or their campaigns stopped?


Or have the rules now changed and you can have branded images again?

I phoned support but they couldn't help.



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Product images in Merchant Centre

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Please report any violations here :


Rules still apply.


Hope it helps

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