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Product images in Merchant Centre

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We want to experiment with an image which shows a cropped in angle and a full length angle in one image. We've programatically created these images.


My qurestion is, if we specify it as the <gs:image_link> in the feed, when our product page gets crawled, will Google disapprove our product because that image doesn't exist on the product page?



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Re: Product images in Merchant Centre

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the short answer is yes.


the image_link url submitted must accurately display the product
with a primary, clear, view of the one, exact, item-offer being sold
and shipped to the customer.

the product image must be displayed against
a solid white, gray or light colored background.

other angles or other views of the product may be
submitted using the additional_image_link attribute.

for each different view or angle of the item,
all the same policies for image_link apply.

images that do not meet the specifications and policies
may either lower the item's quality over time so that
the item does not win within the auctions as often and
therefore not seen as often without an increased bid,
or disapproved altogether, depending on the details.

any information submitted that is found to be different
from the information presented on the website is also
grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.

Re: Product images in Merchant Centre

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Thanks for the reply. Does that image have to match an image which is featured on the product page?
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Re: Product images in Merchant Centre

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first, you're welcome.



however, that does not necessarily mean the

item will be disapproved immediately; google

can lower quality, or disapprove the item, or

suspended the entire account, at any time.

Re: Product images in Merchant Centre

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Ok. We're only starting out with GS campaigns so we'll give it a try and see how we get on.

Thanks again!

Re: Product images in Merchant Centre

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Google says:

image link [image_link] – URL of an image of the item
This is the URL of the main image for a product and is the first image that users see on product detail pages.

It makes sense, for user experience, that the searcher sees the same image in Google Shopping as they see when they visit the product page.

For A/B testing, you should change the image on the product page, and in the feed. Given that both will be seen before a purchase can be made, it makes sense for the images to be the same.