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Product feed xml submitted but products not showing

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I've submitted our products data feed to Google Merchant Center manually and see it in the dashboard. There are some warnings but no errors. However no product is shown. What am I doing wrong? Is it because of the warnings:


missing attribute category (all products)

missing attribute image (3)

invalid character in description (1)

missing attribute description (1)




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Re: Product feed xml submitted but products not showing

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Hello Michel,


Its' not that you upload the product feed and your products will start showing ASAP. It takes time till your products are crawled and then the status of your products are displayed i.e. whether they are approved or not.


If you see any critical errors when you review the Data Quality, it is suggested that you take care of them ASAP in order to avoid any hassles. However the warnings which you are getting if they are meant for optimization perspective, then you might decide whether yo work on them for the time being or not.


Here are some of the common reasons why your products might not be showing:



Re: Product feed xml submitted but products not showing

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Hi Pankaj,

Thanks for your reply! We submitted the data on August 2. So it should be crawled by now I guess. So there must be something else wrong. There are no critical errors.

Thanks, Michel

Re: Product feed xml submitted but products not showing

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those issues are critical and if not resolved will
likely cause items to never be seen within the
adwords-account or never show on shopping --
regardless of the warning moniker.


for example, description is required.


description should simply describe the physical item

or how the physical item might be used -- without

any promotional information, html, special symbols,

or non-standard capitalization, spelling, or grammar.

google's feed processing is sometimes inexact
and may require hand-inspection and some
judgment based on understanding all rules,
policies, requirements, and guidelines of the
(registered data-feed's) target-country and
the data-feed, website, physical inventory,
and types of items that are being submitted.


google may take 24-72 hours or so before any (feed) corrections

are seen in the products-tab or (linked) adwords-account; quality

messages may be seen 24-72 hours later, after the website and

all images have been crawled for potential quality-related issues.