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Product_Type in Shopping Tab

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Hey all,


This is something I am not 100% sure on. In the Shopping tab you can obviously filter via Category. My question is that whether or Google shows both:


Google Product Category (Taxonomy Tree)






I have seen instances where the category field will contain a category that is not part of the supplied taxonomy which would obviously lead me to assume that Google is also displaying product_type as well.


Just curious if this can be confirmed.


Re: Product_Type in Shopping Tab

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Hi Anthony,


As noted here, including both the product_type attribute and the google_product_category attribute helps Google categorise your item correctly. 


"Products are categorised in Google Shopping results based on a number of factors. While we can't guarantee that a product will show in a particular category, you can increase the chances that your products will be included in relevant categories by sending us highly structured information for your items. To categorise the products in your feeds, you can use two attributes:

  • The ‘Google product category’ attribute: For this attribute, use one of the categories defined in the Google product taxonomy
  • The ‘product type’ attribute: For this attribute, you can use either one of the categories defined in the Google product taxonomy or your own category names"

Personally, I try to keep product_type as standard to the company's site structure, allowing them to better segment their items into ad groups, where I prefer to use Google Product Category for the hopeful inclusion within the category option for filtering. 



Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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