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Product Ratings for OEMs

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My client is an OEM. He manufacturers products that are alternatives to brand-name products. Product ratings that I've found are based on brand-name products. In that case, what identifier can I use to match my client's OEM products to the corresponding brand-name products? FYI, my client has his own UPCs for the products he manufactures.


If we are planning on using an approved 3rd-party product rating aggregator, should I ask a sales rep how this works?




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Product Ratings for OEMs

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yes, the best likely course is to consult

with the product-ratings aggregator.


generally, product-ratings may be matched to physical items
either by global-trade-data or the product's id and link.

also, google does not require any global-trade-data to be purchased
by any manufacturer -- especially if the manufacturer does not have

items currently being sold by multiple retail merchants.

in those cases, simply submit identifier_exist with a value of no
and do not submit any global-trade-data, at all; if global-trade-data
does not currently exist or the items are not being sold by multiple
retail-merchants, simply do not submit any brand, do not submit any
gtin, and do not submit any mpn, then set identifier_exists to no  --
then, google will attempt to match the ratings via sku, mapped to

the id attribute, and the product's url.

regardless, ratings and reviews for products
show purely at google's discretion -- there
is no way to force google to show such data.