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Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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I came across a product listing in Google Shopping that has a dropdown menu for different sizes of the same product:


The dropdown shows pricing for different sizes, and changes all relevant details when the user selects a new option, including the MPN and GTIN.  I presume that this dropdown feature is controlled by product variants in my product feed, but I have not been able to perfect it quite yet.


As a test, created a feed with just 2 products: a window with 2 different types of glass.  The Material field of the feed is different for each product and specified the type of glass, and I have inputted the corresponding URL, price, unique ID, MPN, GTIN, and title.  The similarities between the two products are the description, image link, brand, and item_group_id.


I can get the products to show up in Google Shopping without a problem, and they even link up to competitors since I specified the GTIN and MPN correctly.  But neither product shows the dropdown menu at all.


Is more information required in order to get that options dropdown to appear for my products?  Or something else I need to change in my feed?




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Re: Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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google is constantly experimenting with format and display of items;
currently, there is no specific method to force any format or display --

despite google being asked many many times.

generally, and for this specific case --

(a) be certain all data submitted is in plain text
without any formatting whatsoever -- no html,
no css, no broken lines, no special-characters,, etc.

(b) any global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) submitted must
be assigned by the manufacturer to the exact item being sold;
merchants cannot self-assign global-trade-data.

all merchants submitting the same item should be submitting the
exact same global-trade-data as assigned by the manufacturer.

typically, variants have at least one unique global-trade-data value.

(c) if variants are submitted the following are required:
(1) identical item_group_id for all items in the variant-group;
(2) a landing-page that exactly matches the variant submitted;
(3) at least one variant attribute-value that must be unique across
all items in the variant-group -- only one, single, value is allowed
for each variant attribute submitted.

currently, variant attributes include size, material, pattern, color; e.g.
14 in.

a color value has many additional strict rules; e.g.
slash-separated colors for a multi-colored item
is considered one value.

if variants are not submitted properly then,
variants cannot be submitted for that item.

if variants are not submitted properly, that is grounds for
all such items to be removed from the listings, disapproval,
or suspension from the program, at any time.

see also

Re: Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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Thanks for the tips. All of my data is formatted correct as you (and Google) have specified but if they are only experimenting then I'm doing all that is possible at this point. Thanks again!

Re: Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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first, you're welcome.

is the size variant-attribute being submitted?

Re: Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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I am not. In my case, I have a window with different types of glass, so I am using the Materials field. The size of the window is the same for both options however. But in looking at the link I posted earlier, they are using a size variant of 10in, 14in, and 22in. Perhaps that dropdown menu does not take in account the Material field at all?

I also see the dropdown used for color here:

Re: Product Options/Dropdown in PLA

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a best-practice is to submit all variant attributes that apply
and are relevant for the physical item being submitted --
assuming accurate data is submitted, this can improve
quality and therefore performance within the auctions,
while allowing google to better classify the item and to
possibly use the data within compare-prices and many
other features such as the drop down-menus cited.

since google is constantly experimenting with format and display,
submitting all data per all current policies and recommendations
is usually best -- regardless of what google might or might not do
with the data.

if identical item_group_id values are submitted for the group,
the item can be displayed and purchased on the landing-page,
and the data is relevant and accurate then, all (variant) data
should be submitted regardless of being identical across all
items in the variant-group.

for example, always submit a size if the size is accurate, relevant
and valid for the physical item, even if identical; always submit a
color if the item has a color; do not submit a pattern if the item
has no pattern.

size, color, material, and pattern should all be considered
with respect to the exact inventory item being submitted
and the specific item's physical characteristics; regardless
of being identical for all items in a variant-group.

the applicable policy is basically that all the variant
attributes within a variant-group, taken as a whole,
must uniquely identify an item in the variant-group.


of course, the link and id value must be different per item.

see also