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Product Listing - Merchant Center

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I've added my products list via data feed to merchant center almost a week ago. It says 1801/1804 prudcts successfuly added but products are not listed in product list section. 


Can you tell me what is wrong here?

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Product Listing - Merchant Center

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first, be certain that the feed file was not registered as a test-feed --
only the live, shopping-ad, feed (items) are added to the products-list;

google does not have any mechanism to test live, paid, shopping-ads.


also, be certain there is only one, single, live feed registered with google,

for the target-country; never delete the registered feed unless someone

at google indicates to do so -- deleting the feed or submitting an empty,

live, feed file, will delete all items within the products-list, regardless of

how many items were successfully processed.


use the same live feed for all updates -- including additions, changes,

simply re-uploading, or any deletes; any missing items from the feed is

considered a delete; items are tracked by id, so be certain an id never,

ever, changes, for a physical inventory item.


the one, live, registered, products-feed, for a target-country, must be

re-uploaded at least monthly -- typically at least five-days prior to the

feed expiring -- and also immediately after any critical change to the

website or physical, on-hand, in-stock, inventory availability occurs.


all items that expire naturally, after 30-days, or sooner, based on the

expiration_date attribute, will be deleted from the products-lists and

will be removed from any shopping-ads -- generally, never submit an

expiration_date attribute, unless an item must expire before 30-days,

such as for an anticipated inventory-shortage; if an expiration_date is

submitted for an item, be certain the date is accurate, at least 3-days

in the future, and less-than 30-days -- from the feed's submit date.

also, be certain the registered target-country matches

the pull-down menu's country, for a supported country,

within the products-list.


also, be certain that the verified and claimed website is still verified

and claimed, functions properly at all times, and meets all google's

rules, policies, and requirements, especially for language, currency,

availability, landing-pages, and e-commerce.

also, be certain there are no messages within the feed-status report --
by clicking on the feed's (file) name within the products-feeds-tab:

also, be certain the feed file is in an officially supported format --
for example, tab-delimited or google-xml are officially supported
formats, but csv is not documented as supported.

also, be certain all data adheres to all policies and specifications --
successful items pass only some minimal processing, but does not

check for all possible policy issues, syntax or encoding issues, etc.


also, if the merchant-center-account is a multi-client-account,

then be certain that the proper client-account area is selected.


normally, processed, live, items should take less than 24-hours
or so, to migrate from feed-processing, to the products-list-tab.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
forum-members cannot look into any account

nor any submitted data.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly --

see also