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Product Listing Ads with no impressions

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Hi How do I set the 'auto target' for specific ad groups? I'm having a similar issue of little/no impressions.

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Product Listing Ads with no impressions

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impressions depend on the bid and quality --
such as the quality of all data submitted,
quality of the landing-page and website, etc.

first, be certain items have a searchable status for shopping-ads -- by clicking
on an item's title, under the products-tab, within the merchant-center-account.


a best-practice is to also hand-inspect submitted data, images,
and corresponding landing-pages, against all current policies,

rules, specifications, requirements, and recommendations.

then, be certain that the item matches a product-group, under the
shopping-campaign, within the linked ad-account, and has been

assigned a competitive bid.

only items with a high enough competitive bid and high enough quality, to
win a slot in the ad-auctions, will be seen, and counted as an impression.

auto-targets were once part of the legacy product-listing-ad-campaigns --
but are no longer supported by shopping-ads or a shopping-campaign.

see also



Re: Product Listing Ads with no impressions

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Thankyou very much!