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Product Listing Ads for Canada

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We want to Promote a Site in Canada through Product Listing Ads. Our website is in English and French Language. For both language we have separate URLs. My question is how to Submit feed through API so our ads can be displayed in both the languages. Is there any attribute for two Different Language?

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Re: Product Listing Ads for Canada

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for data-feeds in target-countries where google officially supports
multiple languages, simply register two feed (names) for the same
target-country and the language option should be an used during
registration -- the data-feed names should be different;
note that the content and landing-page must match the supported
and submitted language of the target-country and generally any
automatic or machine-language translation is not allowed -- also,
the landing-page must show the same language and currency
details, regardless of where a user is physically located.

generally, a feed registered via the api or, a product inserted via
the api, have both targetcountry and contentlanguage properties;
how these are set via a language-library, as opposed to the raw xml
or json reference data, depend on the specific library being used --
for target-countries where google officially supports multiple languages
simply submit the appropriate data twice using appropriate properties.

a data-feed file cannot be submitted via the api -- there is no such concept;
during or after the feed is registered the file may be scheduled to be fetched,
or after the feed is registered the file may be submitted manually or via ftp.

the content-api forum is currently here:
any follow-up questions should likely be directed to that forum.