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Product Groupings on Shopping: Same product different group???

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We use shopping as a way to advertise our products.  Ours and a few others' items are grouped in a different group than the parent item, even though they are the same exact item with the same item number and brand.


I don't see the reason why they would be grouped differently.


Does Google prioritize a GTIN over the MPN?  The items don't have a GTIN per the manufacturer, but there is one in the first group, put on mistakenly.


Is there a way to see what attributes that we are missing or not the same as the other in the other group???


Any help or explaination with this would be awesome.  THanks!


Links to the example:

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Product Groupings on Shopping: Same product different group???

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(a) google has not yet disclosed their grouping algorithms publicly;

(b) only in stock inventory items may be submitted as shopping-ads;

(c) submitting invalid or inaccurate global-trade-data,
not assigned by the manufacturer, to the exact item-offer
being sold and shipped, is a policy violation and grounds
for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

(d) generally, google does tend to favor gtin and brand with respect
to groupings within google-shopping -- however, the more merchants
who submit inaccurate global-trade-data, the more likely the automated
groupings will be inaccurate.

manufacturer's global-trade-data attributes are brand, mpn, and gtin --
the values must not be self-assigned, invented, approximated, and must
be submitted if valid values exist; conversely, the values cannot be
submitted if the data has not been assigned by the manufacturer.

(e) other merchants who may be potentially violating
google's policies may be reported directly to google.

(f) at one time, google did allow merchants to see what attributes
are, or are not, the same as what others are submitting, via an api --
however, google removed and retired that feature awhile ago.

currently, each merchant is expected to submit only valid, exact, data,
based on the manufacturer's assignments and the specific physical item

being submitted -- not based on what others may be submitting.

(g) currently, proper, valid, global-trade-data is best determined
by carefully inspecting the physical item-offer for accurate brand
and any valid, gs1, bar-code digits.

(h) some manufactures may decide to assign different gtin to specific
models, or later within a model-year, but not to other similar items.

(i) otherwise, if the proper, exact, global-trade-data is being submitted --
such as the exact brand and merchant-assigned mpn, to the exact, specific,
item being sold and shipped, while no valid gtin gs1 bar-code exists, from
the manufacturer, stamped directly on the physical item or packaging, then
about the only action is to report the issue and potential policy violations
directly to google.

see also

Product Groupings on Shopping: Same product different group???

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Thanks for the quick response.


Another question, if I wanted to report it, how would I find out who has the wrong GTIN value if I can't see their data.


I tried putting the shopping page link, but you needed to put who the violator was.


too bad they got rid of that api, would have helped