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Product Feed Review

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My product feed has been in review for 3 days now. When will it get approved?

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Re: Product Feed Review

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most (delays in) awaiting-review are usually triggered by a few issues; e.g.
(a) a potential policy violation of an item, feed, website, or type of item;
(b) submitted data not adhering to the current policies of a target-country;
(c) a recently registered feed or a feed with unreported (syntax) errors;
(d) a feed that has not been updated with respect to the most recent policies;
(e) certain (feed) data updates -- such as a new product or any id update;
(f) a feed that has not been updated (re-uploaded) in over a month;
(g) id values not unique or that change per item across multiple feeds;
(h) a website or image that requires a re-crawl or re-review or both --

also, try checking the products-tab, data-feed status, and the data-feed
status-summary-report against all google's current rules and policies --
especially if the feed has not been updated or re-submitted in awhile.

if there are any obvious issues, simply make the corrections
in the feed or on the website, and then re-upload the feed
before contacting google.

otherwise, if a review-status lingers for more than a few
days or so a support specialist may be contacted directly --

see also

Re: Product Feed Review

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Don't hold you breath. I have been "waiting review" for 8 days. Despite chasing three times the products are still "waiting review". They must has a backlog they are not admitting to. Spoken to Hyderabad three times they don’t seem to know and say wait another 72 hours. The feed is OK "successful" no issues. Current issues diagnostics none, accounts, feeds and items all reported as “looking good”, but there it sits products reviews unattended and no practical response from Google; other than completely vacuous references to their policies, which since there are no issues is hardly a practical response.
Amazon is much quicker, easier and more efficient in terms of your efforts, try them while you wait. There are dozens of other shopping outlets as well.