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Problem with search keywords

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Hi I am new to Google Shopping and have a few questions that need your help


+ I've linked my Google Merchant Center with Google Adwords and it worked well. However, the problem is for example, when I search for term like "Whistle Mountain Bikes", my shop shows up. But when I search for specific product such as "Whistle Miwok 1480d Mountain Bikes", my shop doesn't show up. Is that because there're problems with my product feed or because my product group set up in Adwords?


+ Is that possible if I set different biddings on "Mountain Bikes", and then in their subcategory, set different bid on "Whistle Mountain bikes" ?


+ Anyone know when I edit the product feed, how long it take Google to update the details on Adwords campaign?


Thanks all!

Re: Problem with search keywords

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HI Huy

Yes, it's possible to set different bid on "Mountain Bike" and their subcategory while creating grouping.

You can use this attribute to filter products when creating Product

Product Type / Merchant Category
custom label 0 - 4

for more details please visit


Re: Problem with search keywords

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Hello Huy,

Welcome Google adwords community

 I Give all answers one by one:

1) ans: 

Google treat, Whistle Miwok 1480d Mountain Bikes & Whistle Mountain Bikes as 2 different keywords.

I suggest please check following things is mention in this url:

like proper grouping of products, labeling of brand name with products etc.

It may be possible due to improper product grouping your ad is not show for keywords but I think it possibility is less because you both keywords are related to same theme.

2) ans-  Yes, you are eligible to use 2 different bids according to it's search volume (traffic). You can to know the traffic trend for you keywords by using the keyword planner.

3) If you edit you product data feed, Google only take 1 working day for updating it. URL also helpful for understand about the product feed updates.


I fill mentioned answers can be helpful for you.


Re: Problem with search keywords

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Thanks you!