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Problem with Remarketing

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I have a Merchant Account connect to Adwords. My Google Shopping works perfectly, using my Merchante Center feed.


But I am having some problems trying to use dynamic remarketing.


When I go to my SHARED LIBRARY I get this error: 

"Only 0 of 6.798 page visits that have passed an ID (or 0%) match approved IDs in your Merchant Center feed"
It seems that all my product pages, that have my product id, are not matching with my merchante center feed. 
The problem is: they are!
Just below this error message, I got this: "Top 10 firing ecomm_prodid". If I get any of this ids, and go to my merchant center, I found active products.
I do not know what else to do:
- My merchant center is OK
- Merchant center is connect to Adwords
- My Google Shopping campaign is working
- My remarketing tag is in all my product pages
- My extension Tag Assistant is "green" for all my remaketing tags
But, even with that, my remarketing campaigns do not work ... 
This is a example of a procuct page with the remaketing tag:
If I get the product Id from the tag, I can found it in my Merchant Center feed.
Anyone has any idea what I could do?


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Re: Problem with Remarketing

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match-approved-ids messages are usually due to a few issues:

(1) these are new items, a new feed re-upload, a feed change,
or the items are within a newly enabled shopping-campaign --
these require a review by google that can simply take 24-72
hours or so to complete.

(2) the product image cannot be crawled, has not been crawled yet, or
in some way does not meet all the requirements for proper product images.


(3) the product, remarketing-list, or website, is somehow exposing sensitive
information about a user, or the item itself falls under a sensitive category,
or the item, list, or landing-page is somehow implying knowledge of personally
identifiable or sensitive information about a user -- for example, a person's
religion, religious beliefs, or political stances.

there should be a brief summary under the details
section of the remarketing-tag-box -- otherwise, a
support specialist should likely be contacted directly.

Problem with Remarketing

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I have the same issue


everything is setup correctly but this message keeps showing even after waiting 2 days or 3 days, any solution?



Problem with Remarketing

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For future reference, please create a new thread, as each issues even though similar, will be different.


As we have no access to your account, I can merely suggest what to do.


First check that the information is accurate on the product landing page, you can use Chrome with Tag Assistant to find out what the information is. Make sure that the information supplied matches the product submitted via the data feed.

If for example the product id is different, than you will see issues within Google Adwords Shared Audience Library.


I recommend you create a new thread, with the following info.


Sample of the product data feed,

Product landing page example

And the exact error or warning message in Adwords.

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Re: Problem with Remarketing

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Thanks Emmanuel for your quick reply,


I do not see how to "create a new thread" so I only attached a screenshot of the error, as you can see the Adwords gets the IDs and those IDs are all approved in Google Merchant



Problem with Remarketing

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Go to this url :

Press the red plus button bottom right corner


From your screenshot as idicated, it looks like the id's don't match from the remarketing code.

If you have installed this yourself, make sure the id's in the remarketing code for the product landing page matches that of the data feed.

If you have not done this yourself, contact the web developer whom has done this for you.


Also make sure you perfectly label all other pages correctly where the remarketing code is active.


More info :


If you are unsure what to do, from the documentation, than I recommend using a plugin that works correctly or contact a web developer or the eCommerce tech support team.


So in short : the product id's do not match, you need to make sure the product id in the data feed are identical to what is submitted in the product landing page.


Hope it helps.

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Problem with Remarketing

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