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Prices are not being updated in Google Shopping and Merchant Center

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I come from this forum, specifically from this topic.


We are having the same problem as these messages from Igor and Doug.


We have reviewed everything Celebird says and everything is correct.

We'd appreciate a fast response, we need a solution.
Kind regards.
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Re: Prices are not being updated in Google Shopping and Merchant Center

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the best likely course would be to continue working with the api-team
as requested, via a private-message, with all requested information.

also, double-check that there are no other methods that may be interfering
with prices being properly updated -- such as any feed-rules, other api calls,
any other feed-based methods of updates, automatic-item-updates settings,
microdata on the website, any changes to item id values or any changes in
the shopping-campaign with respect to shopping-ad updates, etc.


google reads posts but this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members

do not have access to any account details nor any internal known-issues lists.

as described, this issue has not been reproducible within the merchant-center;
as was previously indicated, api-inserts, api-updates, and inventory-updates,
all took about 15-minutes or less to be reflected within the merchant-center --
google may take up to 72-hours or so to update changes on google-shopping --
which are within typical, normal, expected, time-frames.

generally, google-shopping and shopping-ads require fixed-priced items.

the price submitted, the price listed on google-shopping, the price within
any microdata on the site, the one price displayed to users, and default
add-to-cart price must all be identical, at all times; items which require
more than four-updates per-day may simply not be a good fit for shopping-ads.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly:
asking for a merchant-center-support-specialist may help.