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Prices Won't Update in Merchant Center

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Prices within Merchant Center have not been updating for the past three days.  If you make an API call to their server to retrieve the current price for an Item ID, it will return the correct price.  However, when you look within Merchant Center for that same ID, it displays a different price.  This leads us to believe there is a disconnect between the database that powers Merchant Center, and the database that merchants upload product information.  


Anyone else seeing a similar issue? 





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Re: Prices Won't Update in Merchant Center

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a three-day delay sounds outside the normal range.


normally, there is a delay between the api and merchant-center display update --
typically on the order of a few minutes to a few hours, depending on
the type of api call and number of items within the merchant-center.

as a data-point, just this afternoon, a new api-insert request took on the order
of five-minutes, an api request to change the price of an existing item took
on the order of 15-minutes, and an inventory-update to change the price of
an existing item took under one-minute -- to update and become available
within the merchant-center's product-list-dashboard display.

yes, the same data via the api, after all calls, was available nearly instantaneously.

yes, the first check is to verify the id values are identical.

otherwise, be certain that there are no feed-rules implemented, or any other
method being used to update the same item/id, and try clearing the browser's
cache-and-cookies before re-inspecting the merchant-center product-list data.


also, be certain that the automatic-item-updates feature is not enabled

within the account -- or, if enabled, the microdata is valid and accurate

on the landing-page, with respect the submitted-data, at all times.

normally, such delays should not be an issue, unless items are flagged
with a price-mismatch or similar error -- in which case, google is finding
a discrepancy between the website's displayed or schema data and the

current shopping-ad data, which is not allowed.

generally, for improved performance, consider using an
inventory-update if only price or availability changes.

if there continues to be such a large discrepancy between the api
and displayed-data in the merchant-center, the best likely course
would be to contact google directly -- likely both by asking for
a merchant-center support-specialist when contacting google
and by asking within the content-api forum:!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping

Prices Won't Update in Merchant Center

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Thank you for running the tests Celebird.  At times in the past we saw a slight delay (few hours) from the time Merchant Center updates till the time the new prices were publicly seen at, but never such a delay for merchant center itself to update.  There must be a bug affecting some merchants.  We contacted Google's Customer Support (PLA division), Shopping API forum, and this forum.  


To update those concerned with similar issues.  Our prices still have not updated in merchant center since February 7th.  We are using the inventory service via API.  We've PM'd merchant ID's, screenshots etc. to those in the Shopping API forum, but if anyone on the Merchant Center side would like our ID's feel free to contact me.