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People are not using Product Ads, showing only from USA

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Hello, we learned about some new changes for search results, the day the changes were implemented, our traffic started to come from any other country, but the one we target, zero sales and a drop in conversions of 99%. Nevertheless, the clicks for product ads are 600% up.

When I do a search for products we sell ( UK ) the ONLY products showing in most of the searches are from the USA, obviously nobody from the USA will want to get products from the UK to USA, especially inexpensive items.


I believe this is a very serious technical issue and we have reported it but we still have no reply. Product Ads are unproductive, very little conversion and there is an incredible amount of clicks with 1 action, less than 10 seconds visits. Why is Google changing to such a strategy that does not work, why to to show product ads from countries that are not from UK in the search?


Anyone experiencing a change in the last 3 or 4 days?



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Re: People are not using Product Ads, showing only from USA

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for product related searches and product-listing-ads --
check for any vpn or proxy details within the browser
or within the network's configuration and be certain
the corresponding google top-level domain is used.


if possible, try incognito-mode or similar on a different, nearby, network.

location-specific results depend both on google's detection
of the user's current locale and locale-specific search-terms.

for specific items being submitted -- be certain that
the country-specific feed (file) is submitted to the
matching registered-feed of the target-country and
id values are unique per target-country; e.g.
also, be certain that there is a matching country-specific shopping-campaign
with enough quality, bid, and budget to win slots in the country's ad-auctions.

quality includes, the quality of all attributes submitted (within the data-feed)
as measured against google's specifications, the relevancy of all submitted
data as measured against the physical item, the website, link landing-page,
e-commerce checkout-flow, and other qualify factors such as ratings, reviews,
promotions, and negative-words.


for the lack of conversions -- verify the conversion tracking is accurate

and properly configured; otherwise, conversions are typically tied to

quality, relevancy, the website's details, or some combination of these.


that said, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions

based on the information posted here in the public forum --

forum-members cannot look into any feed or account details.

there seems to have been country-specific (u.k.)
product-listing-ads showing under google's u.k.
top-level domain in recent days --


Re: People are not using Product Ads, showing only from USA

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With regards to US products showing up in the UK is because these companies are targeting the UK as a market. Nothing you can do about that other than try and improve your account.

With anything that happens on Google it is a good strategy to keep improving your data feed, website and adwords. Because not only does Google make changes but also your competitors. Every company that is serious about selling products needs to improve.

So if recently the sales have dropped and ctr has gone up than you need to look at the first logical steps.

Check that the conversion tracking is still working
Check that people can order on the site and there is no hinder in the checkout
Evaluate your search terms, make sure you exclude terms that you do not want to show up for

Here are some other tips, ensure that you have removed all data feed errors and warnings

As all of these are generic suggestions, I recommend hiring a Google Analytics Specialist to look into what happens with the visitors on the site. Or if you know how to do yourself Analytics can be very powerful. Unfortunately this is beyond my knowledge and would not be able to advice where or how to look.

Hope this points you in the right direction.
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