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Packaging Together Bundles and Variant ID's With Google Shopping

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Hi there,


I keep getting warnings from Google Shopping telling me that my pricing is off.


I am trying to offer multi-packs of the same products on the landing page that is being advertised.


I am aware of the feed requirements E.g. (multipack or is_bundle), however, I am still getting these warnings.


I am using Data Feed Watch to pull data from Shopify and into Merchant Center. 


It assigns ID's to each product, however, it names different variations within the same product with the same ID.  Would this be causing the problem? 


If so, what problems would arise from changing the IDs?  

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Packaging Together Bundles and Variant ID's With Google Shopping

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I think your pack must have a unique ID. Each variant of a product must have one. A multipack is a type of variant. More info on ids here :

Re: Packaging Together Bundles and Variant ID's With Google Shopping

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each grouped-offer -- bundle or multipack -- is considered a
separate, unique, item-offer; each offer must have a separate,
unique, id value and separate, unique, url/link landing-page.

a variant is also consider a separate item-offer -- each variant
must have a unique id value and an identical item_group_id value,
for all items in a variant-group; item_group_id must only be used
with supported variants -- any product that differs by a color, size,
pattern, or material, and must also be submitted with at least one,

proper, unique, variant-attribute and value.

the single price visible on the link landing-page, default add-to-cart

price, e-commerce check-out price, and the price submitted for the

item-offer, must all match exactly, at all times -- or is otherwise a

policy violation and grounds for disapproval or a suspension from

the program, at any time; generally, only one, single, item-offer is

allowed per landing-page.


to help google identity the matching price, adding structured-data,

on the link landing-page, for the offer, is strongly recommended.

id values must be unique per item-offer and should never change.

google tracks all data, quality, and history, by id -- changing id
is considered a new, unique, physically separate, item-offer and
the quality, history, and related data, will be lost, within both the
merchant-center-account and ad-account.


also, as with most all new item-offers submitted,

the offer, link landing-page, and any new images,

may undergo a 3-5 business-day review by google.

item_group_id has no such effect and is mainly used
to verify compliance with the variant related policies.


more generally, any submitted data, physical product, or landing-page,

that cannot meet all shopping-ad related rules and policies, must be

removed from the feed and not resubmitted -- or otherwise risks a

more permanent suspension from the program, at any time; in those

cases, using other campaign-types may be an alternative for advertising.


in this case, the best likely course would be to contact
data-feed-watch and shopify support directly -- before

considering any changes.