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PLA for eBay?

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We are an ad agency and trying to use google shopping campaign for our client on eBay. From all the readings it seems it's impossible to do google shopping campaign for items on ebay or Amazon, but I do came across a few items on google shopping that come from eBay




Anyone who can help me understand if how to do shopping campaigns for eBay items, or is it generally possible? Thanks a lot!

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April 2016

Re: PLA for eBay?

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the short answer is no.

for marketplace sites (such as ebay) the marketplace
must submit all data for product-listing-ads; typically,
the marketplace also handles the shopping-campaign
details -- or sometimes allows individual-sellers access
to the shopping-campaign via linking.

the best likely course would be to contact ebay directly.

generally, submitting product-listing-ads
for marketplace items is a policy violation --

see also

Re: PLA for eBay?

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Hi thank you! Do you know then why there is still eBay items showing up in google shopping on the following link?

Re: PLA for eBay?

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first, you're welcome.

the marketplace is submitting the items.

that is, ebay is submitting the items on behalf of their
sellers and maintaining the product-listing-ad details.

generally, (only) the marketplace is allowed to submit
items on behalf of their individual marketplace-sellers --
however, marketplace-sellers cannot submit their own items.

the marketplace (ebay) determines if,
when, and how, items are submitted.

typically, a marketplace uses a google-merchant-center
multi-client-account to create sub-accounts and maintain
a products-feed for each seller under each sub-account --
hence, the ebay name followed by the seller-name.

a marketplace usually links their multi-client-account
to their my-client-center (manager-account) to maintain
each seller's product-listing-ads shopping-campaign.


Re: PLA for eBay?

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eBay will not create a subaccount for the seller (and will not include sellers products in campaign) until the seller will not ask ebay to do so. The very first step is phone ebay and ask them to create a subaccount for AdWords.