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PLA Title

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Hello there,


My question is about the titles in the data feed.

Do the data feed's titles have to match the ones of the landing pages or could they be different?


I want to improve the data feed as most titles are a bit too long and they come up as errors.



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Re: PLA Title

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Hi Oscar,
No, they don't (as far as I know). In fact, it's good practice to change them in your feed to improve the CTR. As long as you actually include the product name and don't stuff it with irrelevant keywords.

Re: PLA Title

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Although some of the help center articles mention the accuracy of data like: 


" we detect that the data that you provide does not match the product information on your website, we may disapprove these items temporarily." 


I've always read this as critical attributes like price and stock availability. 


You have to be wary of obvious pitfalls but if your simply changing around the title text that should be ok but if your changing it to a degree where its not clear what the product is then you might fall foul of the above. 

Also stay well clear of promotion text like 'free shipping' etc. 


I've never seen anyone disapproved in over 8 years for optimmzing their titles correctly. 


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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