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PLA Title Issue - Google engineers don't know!

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Good Morning


I worked for a company called Boticca and we have an interesting issue.

The normal title of an item we sell would be (that's what's in our AdWords feed): Women's Nomad Tan - Sabrina Tach

However, for a lots of our products, it would show up like this with no reason: Sabrina Tach Women's Nomad Tan

When the above issue happens, the title is also repeated at the beginning of the product description (which is not the case in the feed).

Finally, when you view Google Shopping as a 'list', our seller rating does not appear for items with the above issue unless you click on it.


We've asked our account support at Google, they don't know, they escalated it to AdWords engineer support, they don't know neither.


Do you have any idea what could cause this?





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September 2015

Re: PLA Title Issue - Google engineers don't know!

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Hi @Paul-Henri B


At times in results, the title displayed can vary if your listing is grouped with other listings within a compare section.


It would be helpful if you could supply actual data that corresponds to this post, such as a screenshot of the results you are seeing along with the exact information you submit to Google in your DataFeed.


Do you personally manage your feed or do you use a third party where modification could be occurring?


If this or an alternative post has provided you the answer you require, "please accept as solution" to further assist and direct others.



Re: PLA Title Issue - Google engineers don't know!

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Hi Tom

We use Lengow to create our feed but we manage the format ourselves through their interface. Below is an example of a product with the issue (top one) and one without (bottom one).

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 20.44.38.png


Here's a link to an excel file, it's a sample of our feed for 6 products. The 3 rows highlighted in yellow are products with the issue:


Thank you for your help.