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PLA Irrelevent Keyword Issue

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Dear Community 


We have a very strange situation that has been escalated to the merchant team for more clarification without a very clear answer and this can't be correct. 


We have PLA campaigns that we are currently breaking out by brand and once we did this it started to spend and the keywords triggered were so irrelevant it's scary. Other campaigns and different product groups have not caused this problem. 


This PLA campaign is broken out by Brand. This brand sells Motorcycle Exhaust and we have it categorized as such and have a very clean feed, but if you look at the keywords they are not relevant to what we are selling. 


Harley Sportster - This is a motorcycle and has nothing to do with an exhaust system

Solvent Trap - This is not even a product within the same industry segment of Motorcycle Exhaust Systems. 

Motorcycle For Women - 

Motor Cycles  

unicorn bike price list


AdWords (6).png



Out of the short time, this was running before pausing we had two keywords out of 194 that had any relevance to the product we are selling. We submit a feed for our DSA text ads and have zero problems of google matching keywords to products, but when you breakout PLA campaigns this is the results we are getting. 


Can anybody give any insight as to why Google thinks the keywords are relevant to the product we sell?



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PLA Irrelevent Keyword Issue

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The terms that activate your ads in Shopping depend a lot on your bid. If you bid very low, only very specific terms will activate your ads. If you increase your bid, the terms get broader.


For example:

low bid - specific terms such as "camera sony a6000" 

high bid - search terms get broader such as "digital camera" (including specific low bid terms as well)


I would try to lower your bid... maybe try with really low bid first to get those specific terms and then go increasing step by step and keep checking your search terms.


I hope it helps.





PLA Irrelevent Keyword Issue

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Thank you for the suggestion, We have lowered the bids, but struggle to get impressions that low and the keywords are still very off. 


I am going to try and reach out to google again. 

PLA Irrelevent Keyword Issue

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First I recommend to carefully check the data you submit to make sure the title, description and other data correctly describe the product in question.


Make sure that the brand's subdivision does not have any wrong products listed.


That you have excluded everything else within the subdivision. If you don't do this, other products will get listed and get search traffic.


As we have no access to your account, it will be hard to pinpoint the issue. but the above are the most obvious issues.


Hope this helps.

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